Monday, August 1, 2016 ass!

when you hear the word DALLAS...many many things come to yer mind...
depend'n on yer age group...fer instance...half of the CASPER fear'n folks were send'n their used thoughts and prayers and some would even send a hot canned fruit compote in a jell-o mold...that pretty much just tasted like gelatinous the Ewing family at Fort Worth Ranch in Dallas, TX in 1980...all wonder'n WHO SHOT J.R? and hope'n he would make a speedy recovery

and of course who could ever ferget that very lovable & charm'n used car... 
salesman and next door neighbor to the kids at 2912 4th st in Santa Monica, CA...who only dreamed of become'n a walk'n STD...LARRY DALLAS

though most humans...if they had the capability...the benjamins...AND... 
an actually think'n cap that wasn't runn'n on empty...wish'd they could get their hands on the flux capacitor to install their car...would go back in time to 1946 in Dallas to give Barbara a mandatory abortion so the clown show between 2001-2009 would've never happened

but today kittens...hold onto yer hard-on cuz i got the only thing that'll...
remind you of the long horn state...that is my brand new sizzle'n mate and adult entertainer all the way from TITAN Studio's...DALLAS STEELE...who i had the honor of accidentally bump'n into last week at some downtown non heterosexual liquor establishment after leave'n
 the "ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS" fabulous movie

so Mr. Steele...i'm gonna just CUM right out and say are one hot as H-E-double hockey stix "daddy" and at 6'3 220 pds with a 9 inch thick throbb'n throat plunger that most sex fueled non heterosexuals only dream of gett'n their hands or their A double snake hole wrapped around...i'm sure you've had multiple comers come'n multiple times thru-out yer rather CUMfortable career in the adult industry at TITAN studios...can you tell my flock of fucks...i mean kittens...thru-out the you CAME up with yer incredibly edible name?
I love all my friends/fans on social media, so I had a contest. I received more than 300 suggestions and narrowed it down to ten and had people vote. About 1200 people voted and "Dallas Steele" was the top choice. I live in Dallas, and I'll let you use your imagination about the "Steele"
grrrrrrranimal! me Dallas...i'd get right on TOP of that "imagination destination" anytime...just say the word...and hopefully i'll heal!

most people that don't know the industry...are quick to assume that most in the industry are lost souls just try'na get attention that they never received from their parents or their peers back in the day...such is not the case for you though...(after i put on my Angela Lansbury cap and did a lil snopp'n on the informational highway) give us a glimpse of yer illustrious career before beCUMM'n the "daddy god" of TITAN studios? 
I do in fact LOVE attention, always have, always will. I think all porn stars share that trait, so do people in television news-my first love. I was a TV news anchor/reporter for about 23 years (started in radio at 16) in California, Texas and Florida. It was a great ride.
I was nominated for two Emmy's and got to interview every living President, and our next one, Hillary Clinton. I left TV news because the business is no longer about the truth and telling good stories. It's about endless promotion, sensationalism and selling products. The stress of always having to do more with less, and the daily pressure of the ratings determining whether you'd still have a job, all got to be too much for me. Believe it or not, porn is not that much different-you're still dealing with dicks and assholes everyday.
ain't gotta preach that to me Dallas...if i gotta quarter fer every dick and asshole i hadda deal with on a daily basis...i'd be a millionaire sipp'n sangria's by the sea

not only are you almost every man's fantasy...(hey we can't ferget about that .5% who are non sexual non heterosexuals...that point 5 does make a difference you know) but yer in incredible shape and one of TITAN's biggest porn daddy's but also a personal trainer on the side...what's a typical day like fer you at the gym? and how much of it is spent tell'n stalkers/fans to just visit yer webpage? 
Having been in Dallas for many years, lots of people remember me from CBS 11, or from bartending at the Dallas Eagle. No one really says much to me at the gym. I tend to be the one cruising. I lift four days per week, cardio/abs the other three days. I spend 90 minutes to two hours per day at the gym. My split is usually chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, and shoulders/traps. I was a FAT teenager. At 15, I weighed 240lbs with a 40 inch waist. I got teased and bullied about my weight, and dropped out of high school over it. I took my GED and went on to college, finishing two years before my class. I also lost most of the weight just by walking 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week the first year. When people say "you don't know what it's like to be overweight," I tell them I know exactly what that's like. 
I don't do much personal training anymore. Between shooting porn, escorting, and appearances, I travel more than half the year. 
well i fer one...bein the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe...can't thank you enough fer travel'n all the way to the Minne-Apple when you did 

though i'm in the spotlight under a different type of entertainment career has seen it's fair share of stalker/fans off stage and i've gotten my share of far-out "requests" that i personally chose not to fulfill for them...without give'n any names...what's the craziest request that you've gotten thru-out yer HUGE career at TITAN Studio's off set that you had to respectfully decline?
Most of the unusual requests come from my escort page at ( potential client wanted me to fly to his state, rent a van, then go to his boyfriend's place of business and forcibly kidnap him. After that, he wanted me to take him to a barn in the country and beat him bloody. My answer was: "Not for ANY amount of money." I am not into hurting people. I'm also not interested in the possibility of going to jail. I think people see some of my leather movies and assume I must be into some pretty rough stuff. Truth is, I'm an actor, and I play a role in every movie. Sometimes that role IS more me than others, but don't assume. 
(sorry kittens...though i don't believe in age restrictions when read'n my thoughts...i also don't believe in give'n away the farm fer free)

though you are many a man's and many a boy's sexually infused fantasy...
you are also a romantic at heart i bet...can you tell me what makes yer ticker tock? and also...what is the perfect nite for you when not HARD at work?
My boy DJ is 32 but looks 24. He's from a small town on the Texas/Oklahoma border. He went from his parents home where he was home-schooled into my arms, so in many respects, I AM the "Daddy." He is amazingly supportive of everything I do in porn/escorting. Sexually, he tells me what he wants when he comes out wearing a thong or jockstrap and wiggles his bubble butt in my face. 
I love to eat, spank and fuck that ass. No matter how tired I am or whether I've been fucking everyday for a week on a shoot, he always gets my "interest" up somehow. He's amazing. 
hey Mr. DJ...put a record on...i wanna (fill in the blank) with yer baby!...all i gotta say is kudo's to you kitten!

my dear dear friend Peetrinella...who pushed me into the business of show many years ago and who you would just absolutely adore hear'n her infectious laugh at a slumber party...wanted me to ask you get to pick the fellow actors that you want to pound the flesh out of and who are some of yer fav-o-rit? can she get an autographed photo of you...fer my b-day prezzie this year in september?
People send me suggestions for men I should be paired with in movies. I pass many of those suggestions onto the management at Titan, however, it's their studio and their decision who they decide to cast. But if you look at the Titanmen website (, it's pretty obvious there are no ugly Titanmen. I've never been disappointed by anyone I've been cast with. All of them have been amazing in different ways. Sometimes we remain close after a scene, sometimes it's just business for them. I get it. 

Anyone can get an autographed card by emailing me at
you hear that Peetrinella?...GET ON IT!...september is cumm'n soon...and so am i!

let's GET OFF the topic of yer tooth chipper fer just a mere minute...and dive into politicks...without reveal'n (unless you want to) who you think should be move'n into the BIG HOUSE come January next year...can you please explain how this Kankersoredashian mentality has give'n rise to one DARTH CHEETO? 
I think there are a lot of heterosexual white conservatives that simply fear change. They've had pretty good lives for a long time and they don't want to see anything change. They don't want to share the money, the power and the privilege they always had. What they don't realize is we can all have more of the things we want if we just help other people get what they want. Donald Trump has tapped into all of their worst fears, bringing out the ugliest parts of people- racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and a general feeling that the world is crumbling around them. I come from a family of big time Democrats. My Dad worked in California's capital for Governor Jerry Brown, the first time he was in office and later taught political science for years. 
I can't think of a time I was prouder than that evening in November 2008 when we elected President Obama.
Is Hillary another Obama? No, but she does embody many of the same ideas and I'm confident would be a great leader. 
The bottom line, however, is that the world cannot afford another Hitler. Trump must be stopped. 
hands down # runningupthatHILL all the way! we got 2 things in common (insert evil grin here) we've CUM to the best part of the interview i like to simply call...
"can we talk about me fer a change?"
basically Dallas...i wanna had over the mic to you and have you put me in the hot seat and ask me A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G you want to that you don't already now know about me...well except about rainbows...cuz that's just fuck'n lazy journalism!
Well I was doing a shower contest at The Saloon in Minneapolis (video of it is on my Twitter @DallasSteelexxx) when I ran into you. I honestly don't know much about you, but I thought the bald head was sexy and that you were amazingly kind and friendly. 
i'll remember that chance meet'n on that steamy nite on july 25th fer as long as i can...meeeouch!

lastly...before i let you go DALLAS...can you tell now i'm sure...horny toads about any upCUMM'n attractions or events they might be able to see you in or at?
I'm proud to say Dallas Steele will have a float in the Dallas Pride Parade this year. We have a great celebration here in North Texas every year. It's September 18 because it's cooler here then and that's the birthday of late local LGBT leader Alan Ross. Aside from Pride, I'm shooting two more movies with Titan in Palm Springs first week of September, and I have two more releases out this fall, and in December. The December release, called "Return to Bonds Corner," was under the charge of legendary porn director Joe Gage in cooperation with Titan. Joe has been shooting porn 40 years now, and I was proud to be in his 50th movie. 
Without giving away too much, one of my two scenes is with Mitch Vaughn, 
the other is a threeway with Luke Adams and David Anthony. 

Beyond all of that, I'm very much looking forward to another fantastic Atlantis Events (www.atlantisevents.comall-gay cruise January 24-31 from Fort Lauderdale. This will be my 7th year doing this year. I'm hoping to make lots of new friends this year as well spending time with those I see every year. 
hey FYI Dallas...if yer look'n fer a fluffer...or in need of a buffer...on yer boat knee pads are polished...ready and wait'n anytime "daddy"

i wanna thank the incredibly delicious DALLAS STEELE fer take'n time outta his busy schedule and give'n my flock of fucks...i mean kittens...a glimpse into the world of adult entertainment...make sure to check him out when you are in a CUMfortable space...if yer a twatter...why not follow him on twitter:
well...i gotta do some "research" get off my dress!

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