Monday, July 11, 2011


i’ve seen a lot…i’ve done a lot…i have a lot (to be thankful for)…
and i regret NOTHING!

and no one deserves this more than MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
(it is my blog after all)

in 4 days…my unknown oscar (meyer wiener) performance of
“GET OFF MY DRESS…love is a drag!”
will be make’n it’s global domination debut right here in the minne-apple…(can ya stand it kittens?)

open’n at the Bryant Lake Bowl in uptown this friday july 15th for 5 nites
(fridays july 15...22...29 @ 7pm and thursdays july 21...28 @ 10pm)

be the first one to experience KRYSTAL KLEER's experience's (via me)
live in 3D high perform’n illusionist definition

all the tears…all the terror

runn'n the gamut from my ABC’s to my STD’s

this is a no holds barred…with a bar…dimly lit production
(trust me…i look best that way)

sure…it may seem to you…the reader…that i’m a bit full of myself

that i’m egotistically vain

but i've worked really really hard for you to enjoy me

i should just have my own show…about ME…and be done with it already!

but does anyone ever say a kindergartner is a narcissistic kitten when they get their class portrait taken?
(of course they are!)

i know i can’t wait…watch’n you …watch’n ME…as i break it down…what live’n the low life in high heels is all about

can't get enough of ME?...of course you can't

but if friday seems too far away…why not get a sneekie peek now DOOSH A-WAY

or listen in on my very first podcast i did on the lovely Margie Pederson’s porch

*BREAK’N NEWS*…this just in…apparently there’s a rumor goin’ around (that i may or may not have started)…that MADONNA or CHER may be popp’n in to catch a performance…so if for that reason alone is not a reason to check out my show…well then kitten…just get off my dress!

Click here for the best time of yer life at Bryant Lake Bowl

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  1. Can't wait the preview was so much fun.