Monday, September 26, 2016

are you blue?

remember that song from the yester years of sesame street that you can't get outta yer head until you hear the entire talked about racial purity...self indulgence and the separation of free thinkers and pod people?
"one of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong..."

so many things make zero sense to fer instance...

why do school teachers grade yer school papers...from A B C D to F
what the H-E-double hockey sticks did the letter E ever do to anyone?

what the fuck is really the purpose of cursive write'n?...outside of cause'n a special form of anal retentiveness

why in the sam hell call it a pair of pants?...when it's only one pant you put on

why do they call it fun size candy?...what's so damn fun about gett'n less candy?

why did some asshole decide to call them chicken fingers? many chickens have you seen with fingers?...(not include'n those found at Fukushima)

since the beginn'n of the clown show that began over a year ago...
with each clown try'n to out clown each other...clogg'n the airwaves and any social media outlet that would cater to their BS show...with their typical rhetoric brand'n that is worse than an ear-bleed...
cuz in the end...they are ALL only interested in the interest of one group of people

in the end though...most of them wish'd they would'a gone ahead with their instinct and hire'd Miss Grousneck's class to figer out a good strategy fer them to beat the piss outta the other come debate nite...cuz in the end...

but with ALL the BS that's been spewed from this financially failed self serve'n compulsively absurd turds loose cannon mouth regard'n gay's to gringo's...vagina's to vets...diaper's to boggles the shit outta me that A-N-Y-O-N-E who hasn't had an Ogilvy home lobotomy perm in the last year...would even consider this cankersaurus clown as a viable option still to this day...
say'n how he's gonna "make america great again"...when he doesn't even have his own crappy clothin' line made in america

with under 45 days left until we rejoice for the 1st Madame President

with the BIG debates beginn'n tonite...there is only ONE clear winner
so keep it cool...are you blue?
now get off my dress!

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