Monday, August 26, 2013

gett'n it all outta the BOXX

when i think of the #2
it takes alot outta me...i'm not kidd'n kittens!

the 2nd season is my 3rd fav-or-it of all 4 seasons...
but we ain't here to discuss mother nature...oh H-E-double hockey stix NO!

what i am talk'n about today is my fav-o-rit season...

hold on to yer poly gripped not so pearly whites...cuz today have i got a very special treat fer you kittens…fer i have none other than the season 2 contestant and quite frankly completely robbed of the 1st place crown…the exquisitely saccharinated...
Pandora Boxx

WOW Pandora…thanx fer take’n time outta yer hectic schedule to chitter chatter to my kittens out there that follow me religiously…from every corner of the globe…
every monday morn’n at 9 am central time zone…that’s 10 am on tuesday fer my Singapore kittens...or whenever i decide to get my A double snakes outta bed to post…so let me just get the A double snake kiss’n outta the way…i love you…i love yer music…i love you and yer music…you are one of my all time fav-o-rits from all of RuPaul’sDrag Races

can you tell my kittens what is was like behind the scenes with the other gurls on the show…and do you still keep in contact with any of the other performers?
Did you watch Untucked?  That's what it was like! 
Actually, there were lots of times we all got along but alas that makes boring TV.  I do keep in touch with a lot of the gals and I'm thankful for some amazing friendships I got from the show.

not only were you robbed (in my eyes) but you've made it thru the wilderness...
and have done much more ever since the exposure on RuPaul’s Drag Race…you've immortalized yerself in a video've recorded 3 dance club hits include’n a remake of The Sun’s page 3 girl...
do you have any plans on release’n a full length 8 track tape of hits anytime soon? and also...if you could do a duet of yer choice…who would it be with?
If I do an 8-track it should be a polka one I think.  I don't know if I'll do a full album or not.  I guess it really depends on what the fans want from me.  
If I could duet with anyone it would probably be Carol Channing because that would just be camptastic!

i was never really a fan of the term “drag queen”…it sounds...oh how do i say this? 
old and ugly!

of which i am neither…i prefer the term “perform’n illusionist”…cuz you really are perform’n an “illusion” after all…i am the dirty gurl of the Minne-Apple of course...
and i was even christened the unintentionally internationally unknown perform’n illusionist of my own universe by me...ummm cuz i can!
do you have any issues with the term “drag queen”? and what are yer thoughts of pageant queens vs comic queens?
I love the term drag queen because I think you can be anything you want under that name. 

every artist out there rips off is “inspired” by everyone and everything they see...
from Elvis to Enya or Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Manson…
when yer in this bizness called show…regardless of the situation…
most recently the QUEEN was inspired by another QUEEN
i tell ya kitten...i mean the very second i seen her artwork…my musical cabinet file in my brain went off...but i'm sure the BOY is honored to have been the chosen one for a second time

so tell me Pandy (i feel we've connected enough now to say that…right?) 
who “inspired” you to become the loveliness that the world has come to enjoy?

So many great comedians, comedic actresses and entertainters influenced me...
to become Goldie Hawn, Madeline Kahn, Carol Burnett, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Lily Tomlin and the list can go on and on.

since most people think QUEENS think about nothin’ but themselves…i wanna show we do have a sensitive side to world issues as well…(just this once) and with the recent anti gay propaganda blah blah laws passed in Russia...which is just gonna be a cage match with the crowds when the Olympics arrive there next year…
what are yer thoughts about the non heterosexual situation in that part of the world?
It's completely appalling what's happening in Russia.  I have such empathy for the LGBT community there. It really is reminiscent of Hitler. I think we as a community need to do all that we can to show support and find some real way to help out our brothers and sisters.

a lil birdie tells me yer come’n to the Minne-Apple...with a cast of other beauties in

and i have to tell'n ya Pandora…yer perform’n in THEE best venue in town…i've graced that stage fer the "APRIL SHOWERS BRINGS BITCH FLOWERS" show fer the past 6 this the 1st time you've ever performed in the Minne-Apple?
I'm super excited for the show in Minneapolis and it will be my first time performing there so be gentle with my virginity. 

outside of the Minne-Apple area but wanna attend the battle of these beauties on stage?...what'dya whine'n fer kittens?...just click here

and speak’n of putt’n a bunch of beauties on one stage at once …it can either be epic or an eye soar…i wished VH-1 would've done my repeated requests fer an all star 80’s DIVA’S Live show…starr’n Boy George…Madonna…Cyndi Lauper…Cher…Tina Turner…Pat Benetar and Annie Lennox…if you had the power to perform a DIVA’S live concert series with 5 other performers…who'd they be?
That's a tough one but I think definitely Cyndi Lauper (she's an amazing live performer), Dolly Parton, Cher, Kylie Minogue and Madonna.

now we've come to the part of the interview i like to call…
can we talk about ME fer a change?

basically you can ask me ANYTHING under the rainbow yer just die’n to know about me…and seriously…I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G…(insert evil grin here)…well accept about rainbows…cuz seriously…that’s just bein' really fuck’n lazy!
Do you believe in unicorns?  And if unicorns disguised themselves as human beings who would be one?

well personal thoughts about the elusive and very magical unicorn is...
that they are very very mysterious and very very made up...
much like the years between january 20 2001 thru january 20 2009 

before we go…is there anything you would like to whore out to my stalkers litter?
you can whore out my new song "YOU SEEMED SHADY TO ME"

if ya wanna follow Pandora on here
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if ya wanna watch Pandora on here

i wanna thank the lovely and talented PANDORA BOXX…

now it's time fer me to start shine'n my heels...jack'n up my hair...and find'n somethin' supercalifragelistically sparkly to wear

so get off my dress!

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