Monday, October 28, 2013


can ya feel it kittens...the brisk chill in the air
the fog it blankets the bones that are bare

it's close to midnite...and somethin' evil's lurk'n in the dark
under the see a sight that almost stops yer heart
( i "borrowed" without permission the last 2 verses...sue me!)

ghosts and goblins awake from their tomb
and do their best to seal yer doom

tis the season fer witch hunts
but this is the season to hunt these CUNTS!

1st to burn at the metaphorical stake is MN's very own republiCUNT...
and wickedest bat-shit crazy CUNT witch of the mid-west...
Michelle Bachmann

2nd CUNT burp on the metaphorical chopp'n block...
is radio host..and G*D fear'n CASPER crackhead and not so charm'n "christian" CUNT...Sandy Rios
who recently spoke at some mind controlled color'n book believers convention in Washington...'s a a clue...if there were mainly non heterosexual's in the military...we would have LESS wars and more white the homo's are gonna kill their cash flow and give up the chance to frolick around half naked with half the naked flavors of the world!

and #3 was some "unidentified" CUNT at some italian eatery in Kansas...
who may or may not have been of the non male persuasion...but in either case...take'n time to write out a message of good service on the bill...only to stiff the waiter cuz he likes a good "stiffy up the jaxie" every now and then...makes you a total CUNT in mine...the local communities and yer GODLESS eyes!

and last but certainly the least amount of CUNTAGE in her...
is tv's 90210 silver spoon...and act'n scab of such non heterosexual classics like
 "TRICK" and "HOUSE of YES"

and daddy's lil spoiled whiney CUNT...TORI SPELLING

SERIOUSLY?...CUNT PUHLEEEZ!...with books...choke'n the airwaves with another "reality" show on the way...a clothing line..and oh yea...that fact that YER FAMILY HAS MORE MONEY THAN G*D CASPER! don't get to whine about yer benjamin's a tip...either close yer damn legs or take it up the jaxie...that way you save Dean from have'n to visit the penile guillotine...and make up with yer mama and she'll give ya the key to the family piggy bank

so there ya have it kittens...the WITCHES OF me...their verbal tricks are nothing more than mere blood curdle'n treats..they come in all walks of life from personalities on radio or television...or just plain comic book read'n simpletons in the midwest...either way...

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