Monday, January 26, 2015


since the dawn of the new millennium...the music industry has desperately needed a new gimmick and has had more leaks than a June Allison parade

but with a career spann'n across the last 4 decades...
there is no deny'n that thee only QUEEN of the dance floor is... 

though there are those who prey to see M fail at what she does best...

with the release of her much anticipated 13th studio album on march 10th...

M is already back on top once again without even release'n her full album...
but leave it to the QUEEN to always be 2 steps ahead of everyone in the biz...release'n 6 finished trax of the 19 on the album early fer her eager fans...with some of them already shoot'n to #1 in 49 countries

oddly instant fav's just happen to be all 6 of her songs...
(feature'n Nicki Minaj)

M will be perform'n her first single "LIVING FOR LOVE" at the 57th Grammy Awards on feb.8th

so why not reflect on some of her most incredible past live performances :
the entire pimple parade of generation X was glued to their magnovox in 1984 fer M's 1st ever live performance at the 1st ever Mtv Awards sing'n "LIKE A VIRGIN"

 after come'n off  her 2nd world tour in 1990...M went back to 1690...and blew the pre and post pimple parade away once again at the Mtv awards with her smash dance floor staple

marinate'n in Marilyn Monroesque realness fer the 1st time ever perform'n at the Oscars...M slaughtered the competition by sing'n this Sondheim smash from Dick Tracy in 1991

dressed as Donetella Versace's sexier sister from another mister...M flew across the pond to perform the acid influenced house beat written by icelandic beauty Bjork at the 1995 Brit awards

written by Weber and Rice...M graced the Oscar stage once again sing'n like a love struck songbird in this beautifully embroidered Dolce and Gabanna duvet in 1997...belt'n out

almost 20 year after her 1st live television award show debut...M proved she still wore the pants in the musical show'n these 2 mickey mouse bitches how it's done at the 2003 Mtv Awards...with a mash-up of

by 2006...M pulled a Jessica Rabbit outta her brassier and shared the stage with animated rock band Gorillaz...rock'n out with an incredible mashed potato mix of

and get off....HOLD UP...this just in...

it's good to know there is some humanity left in the world...or at the very least...know'n that a good ol' threat of yer anal entrance bein invaded by an army of mongolian piss ants...will make someone think fer just a minute...
perhaps i was bein' just a wee bit harsh in last weeks episode...BUT...
"sometimes have to be a high-riding bitch to survive...sometimes...being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto"

my beloved jacket with all it's not-so-rich history attached to it...
was returned unharmed...without a ransom note nor without battle scars of a bad break-in or break-up...
when i popped into the bar the scene of the crime after catch'n the "I LOVE LUCY" play on fri nite...(ps...between you and me kitten...RICKY and FRED were the only things to talk about...i just think they should'a used the iconic episodes "candy factory" and "vitavegamin" just didn't capture me like i wanted it to...but thanx again HB fer the tix)

moocho gra-cious to the staffer or staffee fer keep'n an eye open

thanks to all those that may or may not have participated in the safe return of my jacket

though the candle light vigil was a lot smaller than i had still was a nice gesture...thanx Em 

my very intoxicated friend that even'n has begged to be forgiven...
fer leave'n my precious behind...and it shall be granted here in from this day forward

but i personally wanna thank the bi-polar blow monkey who came to his (or hers...let's be fair) senses and decided they enjoy their A-double snakes to  be invaded by "other" less bite'n things

since there was no name and or address left behind to collect the reward of
a personally autographed photo of thee unintentionally internationally unknown performing illusionist of my own universe...
i decided to make a small donation in yer honor at the bar

now get off my dress!

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