Monday, June 8, 2015

church of the poisonous minds

those that know me...or have read about me...know i worship at one alter...
and one alter only...and i'll be worshipp'n there this october...but  the rest of you can find yer alter here

but oh lordy allah jesus christ on a flaky graham cracker crust kittens...
how the ALL mighty righteous cheerleaders have been take'n a tumble recently...their moralistic trousers have been fallen faster than a herpes scab on a i thought it's about time to start flush'n out all their sanctimonious shit one by one!

let's begin with these pious pieces of holier than thou dung...
the DUGGARS...on the hit TLC reality series...19 advertisers and count'n
(that are abandon'n the ship faster than a priest at a popsicle stand)
ever since their eldest son JOSH admitted to "improper touch'n" with his younger sisters and a babysitter...fer "a few seconds" "over the clothes" they dreamt of sugarplums dance'n around in their dementedly brainwashed heads...while he was still in his teenage britches...
so it doesn't count apparently to these unctuously preachy parents...who basically state that since they were not taught in school...they can wash their hands clean of ANY wrong doin to the victims they bore...well...there's just a slight lil problem with that...ummm you taught them at YOU BOTH were teachers who tried to cover it up...and blamed all the misunderstand'n on this dick dodger's hopes that it wouldn't stop the network from shove'n all those benjamins into yer sanctimonious bank account!
yet almost a year tried to feed into the frenzy cuz of  transpectacular people just like Caitlyn are considered "the problem"...well...i think the ONLY problem here is...that Caitlyn can pull off the playboy bunny corset...and you...Miss Uneducated Bi-Level Cunt Ruffle 2015...CANNOT!
i'm call'n bullshit on these parasitic baptists

next up this converted perverted penis pump'n pontiff...
though i don't condone this sort of hidden agenda this perverted priest was play'n...all i'm say'n is......that this is one priest with alotta compassion
(and if he was at the pulpit while i was but a mere alter boy...i'da considered wear'n the communal robe with the butt cut out...if he had his knickers down around his knee caps so i could see "the goods" up front first of course!)

but not ALL religious zealots are righteous rimm'n rectal pirates... 

though i'm glad he's concerned about the welfare of those who spank the leaves a couple of unanswered fer instance...

- will there be a gynecologist in the afterlife to check our progress?
- will those who practice the art of masturbatory theater religiously have multiple births?
- do we take prenatal vitamins before we die or will there be some wait'n for us on the nite stand on the other side?
- what about adoption options?
- what about abortion procedures?
- those who are unable to conceive...can they be given IV options?
- most importantly...of which finger shall the blessed event occur?

with nutcases like don't need spirituality to get you thru the day
you need a 2 drink minimum just to understand their logic!

well...there ya have it kittens...i hope today's lil episode helped you with yer struggles try'n to decide which is the best words of wisdom to live by
i'm only gonna say this one more time...fer the 2nd time...we ALL hate bein' judged...yet we ALL judge every chance we get...especially in the name of some almighty delusional fucked up entity at whatever alter you choose to waste away at...when ya break ANY religion down from CASPER to Lucifer...from Allah to the Amish...Yahweh's to the Jedi's...they're ALL basically say'n one thing that makes absolutely any sense...just be fuck'n nice to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E...KAPEESH!
peace be with get off my dress!

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