Monday, August 10, 2015


there are many things that have an iconic image..fer instance...
this is an iconic representation of the source of all evil from benjamins to battles...and to's just some comical book of seasoned fairy tales

this is an iconic representation of lazy couch potatoes everywhere...with those out of control glandular problems of course

this is an iconic representation of the missing link with chip on his shoulder bigger than Sarah Palin's ego and proof aerodynamic do's don't really work

but there's only one iconic representation of the dance floor kittens...!

since the beginn'n of the rocket land'n on the Mtv moon...many have tried to imitate her...but no one has been able to duplicate her success
the QUEEN will be make'n her triumphant return back to St Paul, MN
(i mean really's like the 2nd come'n...fer christ sakes!)

to help welcome the QUEEN back to the land of 10,000 lakes with her...
100,000+ fans

yer fav-o-rit unintentionally internationally unknown performing illusionist
of her own universe...KRYSTAL KLEER 

will be host'n fer one nite only (due to budget cuts in my piggy bank)


830 Hennepin Ave in downtown Minneapolis

saturday october 3rd @ 9pm
21+ w/ID
$5 cover
portion of the cover to benefit the LGBT homeless youth @ YOUTHLINK  

enjoy a complete nite of nothing but pure unaltered...unsalted...insane...

hear all of the QUEEN'S #1 hitz and remixes all nite long...

by the spinn'n sensations of  the DJ 
from her 1st smash hit "EVERYBODY"

to her latest and greatest 46th smash hit "BITCH I'M MADONNA"

MADONNA specialty cocktails and shots served thru-out the nite

special performances by yer host KRYSTAL KLEER
come dressed as yer fav-o-rit MADONNA look from the past 30+ years and enter to win fabulous MADONNA prizes in the "MADONNA DRAG RACE"
stick around at midnite to win tickets to the REBEL HEART TOUR @ Xcel
(you must be present to win)

whether you feel dress'n like a "LUCKY STAR"

perhaps yer come'n "LIKE A VIRGIN"

or just wanna get "INTO THE GROOVE"

maybe you could just "OPEN YOUR HEART"

or feel like you wanna "EXPRESS YOURSELF"

perhaps that there's nothin' to it to "VOGUE"

maybe yer feel'n the "FEVER"
(i know i am)

you might just wanna "JUSTIFY MY LOVE"

or yer think'n it's all "HUMAN NATURE"

maybe you might be feel'n a lil "FROZEN"

you probably won't but pleez "DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA"

or perhaps yer feel'n cowpokeish and "DON'T TELL ME"

maybe yer contemplate'n some "AMERICAN LIFE" just might be feelin' "HUNG UP"

perhaps...just wanna "GIVE IT TO ME"

or just feel like ya wanna "GIMME ALL YOUR LUV'IN"

so whether yer "LIVING FOR LOVE"

wanna feel like 2 souls in a "GHOSTTOWN"

or just wanna be a "BITCH...I'M MADONNA"

with 30 + years in the biz...there's somethin' that'll fit yer fancy just fine...
now quit yer bitch'n and start yer stitch'n of yer fav-o-rit MADONNA look...that you look good in!

if you've never experienced MADONNA live...
what the H-E-double hockey stix is wrong wit'cha?...check out these x-clusive sneaky peeks below...
 teaser #1 here                    teaser #2 here

so don't just stand there...let's get to it...strike a pose...there's nothin' to it!

dress to impress...and get off my dress!

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