Monday, November 23, 2015

thanx...give'n me memories

it's that time of the year again to help propagate the propaganda...
that we should give thanx to John Smith fer winn'n fair and square cheat'n at that game of "top or bottom" with Tonto and his peeps many many harvests ago...cuz we all know this is just the catalyst that helped propagate the propaganda from corporations...turn'n regulary insensitive assholes into aggressive zombies jacked up on LSD...
savagely hunt'n fer the latest and greatest piece of over priced crap we can't live without fer 24 hrs...
all made by the skillfull hands of Herminio and his classmates
all packaged up in an unbelievable fantasy that comes 4 weeks later about some jolly burglar that'll come down yer chimney at least once a year...but that's...another story!

it made me reflect on what is it that i'm really thankful fer...
fer most of my life...i have been influenced by female and female persuasions...and though immediate family should be apparently has to be recognized just to save face when it comes time to make sure yer part of the read'n of the will...there has been many more influences that have molded me to be who i am today 
one of my biggest influences of acceptance was when my grama Viola recognized i was bitten by the 80's gender bender bug when i was live'n with her in my late early teen years...and she tore down her brown polyester curtains in her live'n room to stitch me my very fer taste of the spotlight
of course...let me begin by recognize'n how eternally grateful & thankful that i am fer bein' thee unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe that i am fer all of you kittens that have followed my ramblin's fer the past 5 years...cuz without you...well...i'd be just a whore in heels without no wheels
but i'd like to go waaay back where it all began...i could not and most likely would who i am today if it wasn't fer the enormous generosity of the HALL family that took me in durin' the roughest patch in my life and guide'n me in the right direction in the late 80's...when i was but a lost kitten without a scratch'n post or a pot to piss in...litterally
to my very 1st employer who tought me the art of stalk'n...when she paid me $2 an hour to report on who came in and outta of her BF's fucktard's cabin that she helped build along lake boulevard in Winona in the 80's...even though i couldn't work more than an hour a taught me the valuable lesson to never like someone that much
of course i'm beyond grateful fer my very dear dear incredibly infectious friend Peetrinella fer encourage'n me to go under that pink gelled spotlight and push'n me to become the unintentionally internationally unknown performer of my own universe that i am today (and not just cuz she knows exactly what to get me ALMOST every year fer the past 25 years on my b'day and xmas...*wink*wink)
i would never be the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe that i am...if it wasn't fer my 1st big brake in train'n heels by one DEE from the bottom of my disorganized make-up case...thankie thankie
 and anyone that really really really knows me...knows that i am eternally thankful and WORSHIP the quicksand she walks on

well...there ya have it's time fer me to stuff some turkey...

so get off my dress!

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