Monday, January 25, 2016

one MOORE time

i was never much of a documentary fanatic viewer back in the day…
outside of thee spectacularly insightful insight into one of the most famous and agrueably thee most musically entertain'n women of the last 100 years in
political views and socialistic opinions gave me indigestion...
plus...i never had any reason or desire to cast my vote unless it was for best music video

of course that all changed in 2003…at my friend Peetrinella's Oscar party…
when we hadda pick the winner fer an unwarranted category in my opinion...well cuz "TRUTH OR DARE" wasn't nominated after all...instead a fairly unknown documentaryist...(and documented fan in M's follow-up documentary "I'M GOING TO TELL YOU A SECRET") well in my circles anyways...won for best documentary

Peetrinella told me i would love this movie as much as she did…
she had me under her spell...and immediately i was obsessed...(very few people have pin pointed my crave'ns like Peetrinella has) so i called in sick the next day and stopped by the local blockbuster store to rent the movie (i did the same when the 1st 3 seasons of the "SEX AND THE CITY" series came out on dvd again thanx to Peetrinella's recommendations)

it's been 7 years since this master mind...gave us a piece of his mind with

but Michael's brilliance will FINALLY be back this feb 12th...
with his highly anticipated...brilliantly brave masterpiece... 
this time around Michael not only proves the illusion is just a chaotic confusion we've been fed fer years...but it's a "sprawl'n didactic polemic wittily disguised as a European travelogue" or at least that's what some writer fer the New York Times said

wonder'n what to get yer sweetheart this valentine's day?
fuck the chocolates that'll just end up give'n em that ever so popular cottage cheese ass over time or the shitty jewellery that they'll just trade in at the closest pawn shop fer the latest used iphone...instead...give em a history lesson you can both call'n in sick and have'n yerself a MICHEAL MOORE marathon by check'n out his other older jems like...


also check out his lil known tv series "THE AWFUL TRUTH"

before take'n yer husband/wife/fuckbud/secretary/out-a-towner/polianna pole puffer to see his latest eye opener 

there are those kittens who say that he twists the truth for his own agenda...
but hate to point out the fact…SO DO YOU!

Michael's rhetoric is refresh'n and his "spin" is complete slap stick on the
saccharinated speeches almost every polictical figure out there wants you to believe this political they can have control...with just enough of his undeniable truth syrup that most don't wanna hear!

now get off my dress!

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