Monday, June 13, 2016

ne déteste pas...faire un don!

do you remember that one one of my all time fav indy flix...
"como te gusta mi pinga" sung by the hysterically chanteused Steve Hayes from the movie "TRICK"

basically say'n...a certain statement...on it's english...can sound a bit much...but say the exact same thing...with a latin beat...and it's just fine!

the unfortunate events that unfolded in Orlando the other day...
caused emotions to run rampant across the globe of course...from those directly involved with those that were senselessly killed or those who were indirectly involved with the events that unfolded inside that early morn'n
everyone grieves and shows their support in their own ways... however they chose to...and with the times we now live in where everything is under a media frenzied "look at me" microscope...a simple show of solidarity and stance made thru any social media outlets...BY ANYONE...shouldn't be scrutinized...dissected and discredited fer their sincerity just cuz of a simple this was for some of you out there...i won't call them out and point fingers like they have...cuz there's always 3 fingers point'n back at them!
but rather...they outta redirect their anger where it belongs...PERIOD! and do somethin' about it...instead of  waste'n yer energy on an electronical post & check'n out how many followers agree with yer petty post or give'n ANY sort of platform fer those directly or indirectly involved in heinous acts like these by post'n their video's condone'n the tragedies...cuz all yer really doin is give'n them free press...nothin' else

and though i don't particularly participate in kubaya'n at tragic vigils...

WE ALL STAND AS ONE or we fall apart!

and yes this is a war that has come along way...thanx to many that have fought it for us fer many many years...but WE ALL STILL has a long way to go before it's finally over...
oh...and it will be!

now get off my dress!

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