Monday, July 4, 2016

bottoms up!

from the title of today's highly informative and extensively researched blog
one could come to the conclusion that i was just gonna be talk'n about all those lovely hersey highway trail blazers that have paved their way to all those pleasure domes of doom fer all us horny corny kamikaze queers...but kitten PUHLEEZ!...back it up just a bit...i ain't all THAT easy sleazy...well not today anyways know what everyone says about those that always assume...
you make an A double snake outta get on all 4's fer me is all about all those repulicunts...failed fucktwats and cunt ruffles
who think their shit don't stink!

let's begin with everyone's fav-o-rit Kentucky fried snakey cunt ruffle'n

though Kimmy may haven barely made it by the hairs on her chinless chin
her presimental loser and failed fucktwat and waste of space Mike Huckleberry Pie...who dreamed of a chance to dance in the white house by become'n the open'n act at Kimmy's resurrection...unfortunately didn't fair to well i'm afraid...

last up is that cheetoed slug in a suit and the only republicunt who is proof
that abortions should not only be legalized but mandatory in some bloodline instances...was able to pluck the fuck outta every one of the far right bat shit crazy extremists that were runn'n fer OBAMA's bedroom this past year...but the Donald's pasty white deflated derriere is not far away from gett'n pounded like a bloated pig in a bad wig at the political county fair this fall...
not just cuz he's a sexist egotistical lyin' hypocritical bigot and a wart on the nose of humanity...'s also not just cuz he's waste'n his time bad mouth'n Miss Clinton over Benghazi and her private emails after she's already been completely exonerated from both...or the fact that he doesn't know the diff between the Scots and the Brits

i said it a year ago when this whole circus began...that this loud mouthed
 erectally dysfunctional baboon was only in it to only make a mockery of the entire republicant party...

and from the bottom of the bottom i found last week tap dance'n around
 my dungaree's...i thank you...fer all you did to make this hot headed anal tick'd failure

but to all of yer kankersoredashian'd zombies...i suggest y'all get yerself 
some good lube cuz yer rectum is really gonna require it come novem

now get off my dress!