Monday, March 27, 2017

kill'n the bill

just like Uma did in the 2003 blood bath fight'n against assassins
try'na destroy her and her unborn pile of pretty much summed up what happened with the whole "replace & repeal" plan that a majority of republicants and republicunts had been try'n to do fer the past 7 years...if it had passed (i much preferred to call it the "bait & switch" bullshit plan)...cuz it would'a had the same outcome for roughly 24 million kittens if it had passed...(and that's like almost no where near thee amount of kittens that follow me weekly...that would'a potentially missed out on my weekly insightful and rivet'n journalistic stories)...thankfully some of the GOP'ers actually dropp'd their barely there shriveled nuts...grew a conscious...or actually listened to their constituents or risk loose'n their either case...they kung-fu-fuck'd the H-E-double hockey sticks outta doey-eyed speaker anal drippage of the house and that TWITTER BITCH's plan to obliterate turn...destroy'n any hope fer try'na kill off the majority of his brain dead zombie's who choked on all the "juice" he poured fer them dur'in his campaign
so the TWITTER BITCH...marinated in his soiled bvd's...hopped in his presidential mobile and sped off to his sanctuary tree house at Mar-La-Go
this is yet just another blow fer the white house's TWITTER BITCH...who...once again...has failed to try and pass his travel ban (much like he does his weekly bowel movements)
all becuz his heroin hooked scarecrow and 2017 kaeopectate spokesmodel...tweeted him late one nite...after watch'n a Bruce Willis marathon...
that foreigners had infiltrated and attacked the Nakatomi Plaza in downtown LA and immediate action needed to be done
these 2 clowns are just simply worn out..but take'n it fer the team

of course we all know...this is just a hopeful distraction on his admins part...
 to try and get the cancellation of this years hottest tv they won't have to stand in the unemployment line they wanna get rid of
and you'd have to be a complete brain dead zombie to think that the FBI's Nellie Olsen NUNES would ever be an independent critic...since he was busted try'n to block the release of the much anticipated reason fer treason... 
this summer season...filled with intrigue and inhibitions about the unbridled and unpaid love of assets between a russian and his rectal pirate
though seriously...the only thing he needs to focus all his energy on is the build'n of his new build'n

now get off my dress!

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