Monday, June 19, 2017

color coded calamity

ever since the mid 1970's...i knew i had a serious case of the jock itch
i would try and find my "alone time" in the bedroom that i shared with 3 of my brothers...just to flip to the back pages...past the cross-my-heart brazzier ads of the "adults only" section in Joan Crawford's monthly JC Penny bible that she would receive in the mail...meticulously and discretely remove'n any and all ads with golf hottie Jim Palmer at the seams...then fantasize'n fer hours about the size of Jim Palmer's "chubbed club" that was wrapped ever so snug in his jockey undergarment 
when the mid 1980's began...though i had my core crowd of misfits that i will always be eternally grateful for...i no longer hid the fact that i was destined to become the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe that i am today...i was on my way...much to my peers & town folks anger...include'n my family's distilled embarrassment (though MOST of em have learned to evolve since then...thankfully)
by the time the mid 1990's rolled around...i threw caution to the wind (thanx to my good friend Peetrinella and Lew) and finally was in full bloom...nothing was gonna stop my persistence and perseverance at this point...regardless what anyone had to say or attempted to do to me in the process...(and trust me...i heard and felt it all) and if you didn't like attitude was always...
be gone before someone drops a house on top of you too!
cuz when ya boil it down like a bag of bad broccoli...if i ain't fuck'n you...and you ain't fuck'n me...then tell me why the fuck do you care who i fuck? cuz i sure as shit on a single shingle don't fuck'n care who's fuck'n who!

it's just like when a potential failure tried to pollinate the virtues
of an innocent on liquor this past weekend on some social media scoreboard designed fer slimy slither'n succubus's (screen names and photo's and all previous chatter up to this point has been deleted to save the guilt and shame of these booty popp'n heathens)
ps...i am the guilty plaintiff in yellow

now that's that outta the way...let's get to to core of today's menial message
known simply as those into scat catt'n
and they desperately pleaded to finally have there community represented properly 
OH WAI'DA'MIN''s not about the crowd of crappers this time...(but trust me...their shit will hit the fan someday...i'm sure of it...LITERALLY!)
no...this is about a select group of people of color...and perhaps some of their allies...who got their titties in a twist...all cuz they felt they were bein' misrepresented all over again
and before ya get all NAACP on my alabaster A double quote the Queen of Mean...
"i've had more black dick in me than the urinals at the Apollo!" (sorta)

now...let me be Lucifer's whore fer just one minute...(as the hard core sodomistic right winged CASPER fear'n lobotomized fairy tale'n freaks see me anyways)'s hard enough what me and those before me have had... 
to stuggle thru grow'n up between...STONEWALL...
so with all that in mind...why oh why is there any reason to get bitchy about a couple of colored stripes this season that aren't represent'n a community of already oppressed kittens thru-out the planet on the PRIDE flag...when the flag doesn't represent just a certain classification of people...but for ALL who have been persecuted by priests...politicians...& perverts over the yrs
BUTT...don't just take my word fer it though...
don't make petty pointless battles when ours is still a long way from over...
now get off my dress!

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