Monday, July 31, 2017

G.I. Josephine

close yer eyes and picture it...september 17th 1972
well if ya do...just make sure there's someone next to you read'n you this weeks late break'n ramblin's kitten...otherwise yer not gonna get anywho'zll'ding...
most of us born before the Cabbage patch crazy...totally remember fall'n in love with the out spoken antics of one cross dress'n Corporal Klinger...
who originally planned on hopp'n a plane in Toledo Ohio...head'n to Oshkosh compete in the MISS CHEDDAR HEAD competition that year...but somehow boarded the wrong plane after he asphyxiated on his Aqua Net while back comb'n his wig to the heavens and ended up in the middle of the Korean War fer 11 seasons...though he did his damnedest try'n to come up with as many many fabooshka outfits he could to convince the general he wasn't fit to fight...and though it never worked...he made the most of a bad situation and still served along his fellow troops like everyone else

fast forward to 40 years later...and a middle of the nite tweet 
from our TWITTER BITCH in command & outta control...state'n that the transgendered soldiers were a burden on the country's military expenses by about 8 million a year roughly for medical costs
the transgendered community has been fight'n fer their rights and their country fer years and DO NOT deserve to be treated any less than anyone else...regardless what yer fuck'n VOODOO religions preach to you...BOY GEORGE even dedicated a song to their struggles 20 years ago
and since were on the topic of pricks with no purpose...what about the bullshit that crypt keep'n McCain try'd pull'n the other week after gett'n the of cadillac of chemo treatments with his sushy healthcare just to turn around and try'na blow'n up the healthcare system that saved his pathetic pancake ass...luckily redeem'n himself a week later by give'n the final FUCK YOU to our TWITTER BITCH's plans to destroy healthcare fer million without
but lets give credit where credit is due and not ferget the 2 republican sista's that we're already doin it fer themselves
but don't take my word fer it...why not listen to this brassy loud mouthed babe...Miss Bernhard...tell it a bit more eloquently than me...& how most of americans are feel'n currently in this fucked up reality show of an administration

luckily there's some sanity in the if yer in the BIG APPLE...
 and wanna see reason this broadway season to thee hottest and most important show in town by the ever entertain'n political satirist...Mr. Moore...get yer tickets here

so call yer senators demand'n them to step the fuck up with this...
ass wipe administration...that is all! get off my dress!

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