Monday, August 21, 2017

how to lift and separate

when ya think about it...the times have never really changed much
the powers in power have made up a large percentage of yer minds for you without you have'n to take any sorta responsibility to think fer yerselves...don't answer that...just think about it fer a minute?
we're subliminally...and stupidly many follow...bein' told to pick sides by the media between this or that...fer instance let's take a simple subject like KATY PERRY and TAYLOR SWIFT and their pettiness...bein pitted against each other as the WWF of the music world...all becuz of some stupid spat they if that was gonna change the way they actually perform on stage
in the 90's we hadda pick between CHRISTINA AGUILERA and  BRITNEY SPEARS and who could pull off the wetter lip gloss in a glittered bikini made of mint floss and pasties
in the 80's it was MADONNA and CYNDI LAUPER and who was gonna outshine the other
but i'm here to tell ya kittens...this is not the MUSKRAT LOVE that the CAPTAIN & TENILLE would approve of...oh no!...why are you lett'n yerself bein' distracted by who likes what...this has been a no brainer free market'n tool for music execs to use against those who have no brain in order to drive sales
i mean...i'm sure if we looked back far enough in musical history...we'd know all about the disastrous smack down torch weild'n riots between who was the better ivory tickler...MOZART or BEETHOVEN

so to bring'n it back into perspective here and the recent clash...
no...not these guys (though the 1st guy on the totally could'a rock'd my casbah back then i swear with those dreamy eyes)
no...unfortunately i'm talk'n about these brain dead lobotomized polo'd morons...(i'll save my perspective til the end) and all over a statue...or so we're lead to believe!
A STATUE?..REALLY?...cuz from what i ran across in the live stream media...they weren't chant'n in unison...while thrash'n their home depot tiki torches in match'n kaki's "let Robert Lee be...let Robert Lee be"...but let's just say it was about the damn statue fer a  minute

lemme break it down fer me...not really bein' a historian whore...or one who really was into cast iron catastrophes of the past...i didn't really get the point on either side...whether you were for the historian significance of the statue or against me IT'S JUST A STATUE!
 (don't worry...i just need'a breather to collect my lustful thoughts fer a min)
a simple pimple solution to the whole damn thing would be to just preserve the confederate statues (regardless how you feel about their significance to society) in a museum in which ever city you reside in...
and all those supposed "pissed of patriots"...can go worship their ghosts of a painful the thousand of lobotomized CASPER worshippers do on sunday...that is...IF that was their real reason...of which those unlobotomized of us out there know...IT WAS NOT!

but let's no loose site and focus on what the REAL issue at hand is...
though some might think'n i'm putt'n on my paranoid floaters and take'n a dipp'n in the conspiracy pool...think about it fer a minute?...why NOW all of a sudden are we ignite'n a race war over a statue?'s always been's just suppressed at times thru-out our history
but is it really a stretch when you stop and think about it fer just a cotton pick'n minute (without whatever news channel and social media outlet post you choose to believe is REAL NEWS) this was all just a simple free distraction...most likely created by BANNON the CANNON...and now that he's gone...
there are many lobotomized applicants that have already begun to line up...fill'n out their applications to take his place...
when all they really need to do to get over all their pent up anger is listen to some KESSLER SISTERS or CONNIE FRANCIS  and get over their fuckery...yer free speech is fine...NO MATTER HOW INSANELY FUCK'D UP IT REALLY IS...but it should ONLY be doin just that
(no tiki torch' runn'n over parade)
but i think Scully and Mulder would agree with me...we are only bein' pinned against each other once again as a distraction...instead of focus'n on the real our TWITTER BITCH can ride off into the sunset with his Rooski
like the queen says..."music...makes the people come together"

turn down yer emotions...turn up yer mind...and turn up the radio...oh...
and get off my dress!

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