Monday, August 8, 2011

a DICK shunned

HI…my name is MATTRESS…and i am friends with an drunk
(everyone in my head and in blogland say…HI MATTRESS!)

17 years is a pretty good long term relationship with a friend…i think

i’ve stayed friends with them thru thin and thick and thicker...regardless what people say about them or think of them…becuz you (that would be ME) know they are a good person down below...

all the spectacular disaster
that they have made of themselves over the years…

that they made you laugh thru the rough times…plenty of times…and pissed you…and many around you…off during a lot of the good times in recent years

(wait a minute…strike that last one)

i’m pretty sure good times should not begin with pissed off

i don’t need to name names…cuz this could apply to any one of us really that have experienced situations of despair/regret/sadness/loath’n to any addiction of a family member…a friend…an x (not in any particular order) due to some sorta physical....emotional....mental...or substance abuse

i know there were plenty of times i thought i had control of my 21+ beverage of choice…and had made numerous bad decisions…that luckily…suffered no casualties to anyone except my own stupidity one nite years back
(actual photo taken by a professional correctional facility photographer...and i have to admit...though sorta a hot photo...i'd much rather have my photographs taken on the outside...florescent light'n rarely is yer friend)

i woke up and made the decision to learn from my mistake and change any future outcomes

from turn’n into a massive mistake

i never considered myself dependant of any harmful “crutch”


and clothes
are my drug of choice...

and the only one gett'n hurt’n there is my piggy bank...
but i’m learn’n to deal with that one step at a time!

i’ve always been a social drinker…

though many times in the past…i knew i was being a bit TOO social

i never keep alcohol chill’n in my frigid air
(x-cept when entertain’n guests)…and all that is not gone by parties end…is given away as a part’n gift by choice cuz i know i have an addictive personality.

i see how out-of-control people in general can get…
but for the most part are just out to have a good time


i see how out-of-control some people have turned into abuse’n a socially acceptable situation.

i’ve witnessed for years now how someone can go from

a party person…

to a parody…

to a painful mess!

i am guilty of perpetuate’n a possible situation…but i am not guilty of the situation being perpetuated!

i need to break the cycle and hope they get it someday.

i want them to get off my dress and get help!

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