Monday, August 1, 2011

Let the Music Play!

i know i was not the only one who listened to Nancy in the 80’s
when she so discreetly labeled the undersides of all those lemonhead box tops
that i would occasionally o.d on as a teenager…with her message of

i never felt the need to be the “cool kid” on the block to try whatever new narcotic
was pushed in front of my fresh…milky white…nubile body

to feel like i’m fly’n on a celestial cloud of stupidity
amongst the pink hearts…the yellow moons…the orange stars…the green clovers…and the blue diamonds!

well…there was that one time in 1993-1994 when i was a guinea pig fer the government…
but i got paid for take’n that shit…BIG DIFFERENCE!

i learned my lesson…but apparently…some people didn't listen to SHANNON
when she said "let the music play"

recently…and ironically…she said “they tried to make me go to rehab but i said no, no, no”
and now…well…she ain’t gotta!…Amy Winehouse died july 23rd, 2011 of an apparent drug and alcohol overdose…at the age of 27.
(the cause of death still under investigation though)

she said “you know, feel’n' good was good enough for me…good enough for me and my Bobby McGee”
and now she can feel good fer eternity…Janis Joplin died october 4th, 1970 of a heroin overdose at the age of 27.

he said “with the lights out it's less dangerous…here we are now entertain us…i feel stupid and contagious”
and he is now entertain’n himself…Kurt Colbain died april 5th, 1994 from a single gun shot wound with a high concentration of heroin and valium found in his system at the age of 27.

he said “i know, i know you probably scream and cry …that your little world won't let you go …but who in your measly little world are you trying to prove that you're made out of gold and, eh, can't be sold”
and now he won’t have to scream and cry anymore…Jimmy Hendrix died september 18, 1970 of asphyxiation in his own vomit due to a combination of alcohol and sleeping pill overdose at the age of 27.

he said “and now, the end is near…and so i face the final curtain, ha ha ha you cunt, i'm not a queer…i'll state my case, of which i'm certain…i've lived a life that's fool…and each and every highway…and more, much more than this…i did it my way”
and he did it his way… Sid Vicious died febuary 2nd, 1979 of a heroin overdose at the age of 22.

he said “my bucket’s got a hole in it…i can’t buy no beer”
and his bucket wasn’t the only thing with a hole in it…Hank Williams died january 1st, 1953 from a combination of drugs and alcohol at the age of 29.

WOW!...if they gave out oscars for end'n it before 30...these are yer winners kitten!!

though there’s no question…each and every one of these entertainers were talented in their own right…BUT...they should NOT be branded as the GREATEST talent of their time…cuz if they were that great…dont’cha think they would still be here make’n music?

now don’t jump down my throat and say i am being insensitive and heartless…

yes they have family…friends and fans that will miss them terribly…but leave it to the corporate pigs to turn a tragedy into a cash cow…milk’n these artists to fill their piggy banks…instead of say’n to them...and those who might have the chance to shine in the spotlight…”look…if you can’t control the demons that are eat’n away at you…and seek help…you will no longer be around…PERIOD!”

but in the same breath…(since i nor most of you read’n this were probably not their either) may have been told plenty of times over and over they’re kill’n themselves…and just couldn’t get over whatever it was that was eat’n them away

ultimately…we are ALL responsible for ourselves!

plenty talented musicians have slayed their “party monster” image
and still let the music play...

most notably…Boy George
when back in the late 80's...was said to have only 8 weeks to live

kicked his heroin and ecstasy addiction not once but a few times thru-out his career…being subjected to clean the streets of new york for 5 days

then finally did time in prison for 4 months...

and by his own words has stated he is now completely drug free...of all drugs
and has never realized until lucky that he is to have the longevity in his career that most musicians dream to have...Boy George is 50 today and still making music.

George Michael has battled prescription drugs and mary jane…
also spent time in jail and is now said to be dealing with his addictions and working on a possible duet with the Boy George...George Michael is 48 today and still making music.

Elton John who suffered from a drug overdose in 1975…
kicked his habit for 21 years to his admission and has turned his demons
into dollar signs with his many broadway musicals like BILLY ELLIOT…AIDA and his biggest broadway hit THE LION KING...Elton John is 64 today and still making music.

David Bowie was hooked on cocaine in the 1970’s…
and eventually injected it into his veins until he finally kicked the habit when he was awarded custody of his son and went on to have a string of top 10 hits...David Bowie is 64 and still making music.

Madonna has even admitted to dabbling in drugs in the early days of her career…
but has also said it wasn’t the smartest thing she’s ever done…she would rather rule the world…and she did...Madonna is 52 today and still making music.

Debbie Harry admitted that she herself fell to the addiction of many drugs in the beginning
until she became addicted to heroin for 2 years after being dropped by her label…the IRS then seizing all her assets and home and her manager quitting on her at the same til she sought help with the help of her then boy friend Chris Stein and kicked her habit for good and went on to be a complete success pulling out a string of hits from the “tide is high” to “maria”...Debbie Harry is 66 today and still making music.

Ozzy Osbourne battled 40 years of drug and alcohol abuse
but conquered his "demons" because of his wife Sharon who offered to manage him as a solo artist...Ozzy Osbourne is 62 and still making music.

Bob Dylan even kicked his $25 a day heroin habit
that he admitted himself was sucked into when he was start'n out in the business...Bob Dylan is 70 today and is still making music.

see…it can be done!

so for any of you think’n about mainline’n whatever someone may offer you just to see how it feels…
though i don’t condone it…i won’t condemn those who do…it’s yer life…do what you want

but don’t get mad at anyone if the house falls down on top of you…
just get off my dress and get help!

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