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gimme more more MOORE

i was never much of a documetarist viewer back in the day…outside of the spectacular master piece that was "TRUTH or DARE"

political views and socialistic opinions gave me indigestion and i never had any reason or desire to cast my vote unless it was for best music video

when the 2003 Oscars were held…i was at my friend Jessica’s Oscar party…
and like most people hold’n their own Oscar party…everyone would fill out their predictions on the ballots as to whom they thought would be picked as the winner

i mainly watched fer the pre-Oscar walk’n of the gowns that would soon be DEB and DOTS prom knock-offs before the nite would end
and the very main winners like movie and actor/actress…the other categories could’a been give’n away fer best on screen slap or any other meaningless reason to give out an award and i wouldn’t have had any interest


so this MICHAEL MOORE guy…
whom honestly i’ve never heard of for beginners in any of my gossip or other resourceful news sources that i was reading religiously to see what was happen’n in what i considered “the real world” at the time …like “entertainment weekly” and “people” magazine to name a few…

won for best documentary “BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE”
i remember vote’n for “prisoner of paradise” just cuz i thought it had a good title (and i thought it would make a great title fer a porn that i would’a watched…hey…that’s how i judged things back then…shoot me!)…so familiarity won out for me…

but when i seen this MICHAEL MOORE guy accept his OSCAR for best documentary “BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE”
and not know’n what the movie was about at all…i thought…well big whoop…unimportant category fer me anyways…plus he just looked like some guy who had a membership to the meals-on-wheels fan club…besides…why would i have any interest in watch’n a movie about some bowl’n project in some city i would never visit (this is what i thought from the title the movie was about plus i couldn’t spin it into a purchasable porn title)

then he wanted ALL the other nominees to come up during his speech…how very!

when he opened his mouth and didn’t dribble off the typical corn syrup speech that i’m so used to hear’n at award shows…
but instead muttered the same sentiments i had felt about the White House waste that was now in charge of our country at this time…that started some useless war…i wanted to know more about MOORE!

with my addictive personality runn’n amuck…and my friend Jessica tell’n me i would love this movie as much as she did… i had to go to blockbuster immediately to rent the movie…(though it was too late by the time the awards were over)…so i called in sick the next day and stopped by the local blockbuster store to rent the movie (i did the same when the 1st 3 seasons of the “sex and the city” tv series came out on dvd again thanx to Jessica’s recommendations)

after watch’n the movie twice (just in case i missed somethin’ cuz i wanted to soak ALL his information in i had no desire to go back to work once it had ended...and i couldn't figer out how to get the rewind button to work properly)

i needed to know everything i could about MICHAEL MOORE
where he was from?…what other…if any…documentaries were out there?
what's his back story?



were found on my search…and after view’n em both…i now was a full burnt out MOORE junkie…i couldn’t get enough!

then when “FAHRENHEIT 9/11” hit the theaters in the 2004…
Mr. MOORE made thee best documentary ever seen in theaters…and the highest gross’n as well…(not that it was his soul purpose mind you) was made to open the eyes and ears of what most of the world was lead to believe!

MICHAEL had convinced me not to believe 100% without a doubt that anyone in government or any political figure running for office is not stick'n their hand in the cookie jar for their own selfishness at any given time…regardless which side of the fence you are on politically!

that was the year i cast my first ballot in my city elections (i had already started vote'n years earlier fer presidential offices thanx to my friend Karen gett'n on my case about it...and i'm grateful for it!)

he proved it further with his brilliant movie about our broken health care system in “SICKO”

MICHAEL followed up with a web release only for his next film fer FREE as proof he wasn’t in on it fer the big $$$...somethin' NO big hollyweird director has EVER done in the history of cinema...which you can watch here “SLACKER UPRISING

was just ice’n on the cake

after further research...i found he had a lil unknown television show to basic cable subscribers back in 1999 before all this began called
well worth check'n out as well!

now i know anyone that disagrees with MICHAEL’s political views or his film’n make’n skills...refuses to watch ANYTHING he ever makes and or make some crack about his weight (these are the top 2 responses i hear all the time when i suggest to those i pretty much know will react in the manner know'n their political views)

but lemme point out to THOSE kittens will closed minds...first don't think MICHEAL doesn't know he may be a bit pleasantly plump already?
and secondly...what does his weight have to do with make'n a movie? this where WWJS? apply?

so THESE kittens will say the typical bore’n response…he twists the truth for his own agenda...

hate to point out the fact…SO DO YOU!

his rhetoric is refresh'n and his "spin" is complete slap stick on the saccharine speeches almost every polictical figure out there wants you to believe so they can have control!

believe what you want to believe…or not believe what you want about MICHAEL MOORE…
that’s yer choice!

MICHEAL's NOT try'n to change your mind as YOU may think...but open it...
and that's why most of THESE kittens will never watch anything he ever does for that reason...let alone read any of his many amaze'n books
(by now some of YOU read'n this blog will probably stop read'n to the end and vow never to return)

which brings me to his brand new book “HERE COMES TROUBLE”
which i had pre-ordered and couldn’t WAIT to read from cover to cover (though i won’t have to call in sick on this one since the book arrived friday while i was at work)…so that would be the reason NO ONE could contact me this past weekend until i was completely done! and it DID NOT disappoint!!

no point in goin’ on about what i thought about the book (cuz i’m sure you understand my affection for this guy’s unbelievable point of view by now)

here's just some interest'n chapter pictures:

his phone call from John Lennon

his first meeting with Bobby Kennedy

the Enola Gay connection

for those wonder’n what this is all about…and have’nt yet got yer hand on a copy…read this excerpt from the book that MICHAEL granted to the british newspaper just so it didn't look like he was gett'n pumped up press fer his book over here

his publisher also added one of the short stories to read here

if yer still interested...i suggest gett'n yer hands on this book asap

for those who believe in help'n out the small business...MICHAEL has personally signed copies of his book which can be purchased at no extra charge at this local bookstore

in case ya missed his interview on the TODAY show...check it out here

or check out his interview on NPR

i won't say i'd wish he was up for president...i don't even think that was his intentions in the first place...but i'm grateful MICHAEL MOORE opened my eyes and my mind and made it understandable by break'n down what BIG business or BIG government actually means without using all the BIG words!

anyone that wants to borrow my copy...are welcomed to as long as it is read and returned unharmed or jelly stained under one week...if this cannot fit yer time constraints...then don't ask me...and get off my dress!

ps... better yet...if you would like a chance to have MICHAEL actually read excerpts from his book to you and yer gang and get him to possibly be on yer xmas card or facebook profile pic fer the week (make sure to throw in a couple of yer republican friends and family members as well to mix it up a bit...just tell em yer gett'n a stripper and they'll bring the booze) personally in yer own live'n room...check it out here fer a chance to meet this masterpiece

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