Monday, February 13, 2012

oh fer the mother of gawd! pt. 2 (david vs. goliath)

i figured it was time to put on my skates since the weather has dipped

and cuz officially...HELL has now dramatically frozen overnite kittens!

i agreed with...dare i say it...this guy for once in my naturally born non heterosexual lifetime for grill'n up a huge backhand sammich fer once

so lemme back it up...just fer a minute...fer those kittens try'n to get their ticket aboard the catch-up train...shall we!

so you remember all the hoopla over Ellen Denegeres last week right?

the PENNY...

and a bunch of backyard bitches with nothing better to do but fly around all day on their broomsticks...hunt'n fer trouble anywhere they can find it it happens...that pompus loud mouth pundit above ...actually defended Ellen and the Penny's decision to have her as their visual aide

against this close minded bible beat'n C*U*NEXT*TIME from FAUX NEWS
who defend'd those less-than-a-million...million backyard bitches boycott to remove immediately from their tv and sunday circular ads...Mrs. Degeneres

and serve'n up the 2nd round of backhand hero Howard

for putt'n his differences aside about his feel'ns fer Ellen and take'n time outta his busy scedule to toss his enormous ultimatum into the ring

among many other issues he has with other haters...especially these 2 pathetically political stepfford talk'n point bible beat'n backyard bitches
with an axe to grind against common sense of humanity and understand'n

think about it...just fer a minute...

though those "million bitches"...Shelly B...and this frothy fecal matter
might not be brand'n some beautifully hand crafted Smith n Wesson while give'n themselves an herbal essence hot oil treatment...

conduct'n the cult of personality disorders chorus...

or load'n up their pick-up truck with a couple of their closest friends

they're not any better than this guy...

or this german potatoe salad...

or those friendship ropers from the south in their crisp casper costumes
made outta 300 count sheets from the bed bath and beyond the reason of insanity store

sticks and stones may break bones...but SOME words will always hurt you!

HATE is HATE no matter how many pretty lil biblical bows you try and wrap yer "reason'n" up with

stand and deliver...
or PUHLEEZ...get off my dress!

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