Monday, March 5, 2012

2nd place is such a waste

there have been many people thru-out history that have felt like 2nd class citizens...thanx in part to the non homosexual middle aged caucasian slug

the indians finally got to feel the real mean'n of 2nd class citizens thanx to european slugs who sailed the seas from europe to america to take over
(unlike the story we've been told while choke'n down turkey and cranberries watch'n the football game every last thursday of november)

women have always been considered 2nd class citizens...until the 1920's
when the womens civil rights movement finally put their voice to a vote

by the 1960's...african americans had enough of their 2nd class citizenship
thanx in part to Rosa Parks refuse'n to sit at the back of the bus and Martin Luther King Jr for have'n a dream for their civil equal rights

ironically '69...non heterosexual people had enough of being treated like 2nd class citizens during the STONEWALL riots in new york
and let it be known that they deserve their civil rights like everyone else

but 40 years later...the fight still continues ...for EQUALITY FOR ALL!

with the recent documented suicidal rate of non heterosexual teens due to bully'n in our own back yard because of their naturally born sexual orientation...non heterosexuals right to marry the one they love up for debate this fall...and half of the US states that still don't have hate crimes on their books due to sexual's no wonder why this is such the "HOT TOPIC" in politics this year

non heterosexuals ARE NOT ask'n for "special privileges" awarded to a large portion of the population...but the same rights EVERYONE deserves from the moment they are born...regardless of race...religion...or bed buddy

if non heterosexual marriage should be put to a vote...then the fact that a non homosexual wants a divorce should also then be put to vote...only fair!

but like this white guy once said..."times...they are a change'n"

unfortunately it took this guy to make people stand up and take notice

though thankfully there is hope come'n up over the horizon with this guy
by sign'n into law on October 28 2009...the "MATTHEW SHEPPARD ACT"

wounds heal...but words last forever...unless YOU STAND UP!

thanx to these heavy hitters like Cyndi Lauper's "TRUE COLORS FUND"




along with Ryan James Yehak's release of "SECOND CLASS CITIZEN"

and countless other resourse centers like PFLAG...hopefully ALL of humanity will no longer have to feel like they're a 2nd class citizen!

if this was the iconic image of 1945...celebrate'n an end to a war

this is the new iconic image of 2012...that the WAR should be finally over

educate yerself if yer not already...cuz this could affect yer kid or their friends...a family member or their friends...a friend or yer friends friend...a co-worker or their friend...a neighbor or their friend

non heterosexuality occurs in over 450 species...homophobia only occurs in one!

if you think this doesn't affect you cuz you know no one this doesn't affect...think again?...who do you think wrote this? get off my dress


  1. I love your writing and agree with what you are standing up for. Good luck (and thanks for the link!)... SUE