Monday, June 11, 2012

back hand sammich anyone?

there are many times in life when we say somethin' we don't really mean...
but we say it order to keep the order

whether it's to congradulate a couple on their new born...
even though you think it looks like some intergalactic regergitation

to give yer best to yer best friend who just married the love of their life...
right after you just finished grind'n into the groom during the rinse cycle

or wish a speedy recovery to a long lost relative you've rarely ever visited...
and then pay a visit to some voodoo priestess in new orleans once you find out yer the sole heir

so recently...the BULLSHIT sorry...i mean the BULLSEYE CO.
hit their support arrow a bit left of center by shamelessly milk'n a non profit profitable non heterosexual class of people with their crappy tee designs to help clean up their image from the shit storm they created by throw'n $150g's to anti non hetero loser Tom Emmer's bid fer governor 2 yrs ago

let's go back in time....deedle doo...deedle doo...deedle doo

at the time...the BULLSEYE said that they were tied to Emmer's positions when it comes to "creating a positive environment for business and not on his personal stance" with regards to non heterosexuals

drrrrr...positive environment for biz? what?...send'n a message to yer LGBT workers and shoppers and those that support LGBT equal rights...
that you can take money from bullies as long as you give yerself a home lobotomy first!

let's fast forward to 2 years later...

BULLSEYE PR monkey Molly Snyder's saccrinated response...
"over the past year, we heard from our team members and guests that they'd like to see an assortment of Pride merchandise available at Target"

apparently they think this is suppose to show their FULL support for the non heterosexual community 2 years long as you own a computer

(hmmm...since these crapolicious tee's only available online)

that's like any religious regime say'n...we love ALL g*d's children...we just detest the one's who obviously chose to be persecuted and taunted on a daily basis by the fairytales we believe that "spook" in the clouds wants us to believe in!

ps...if you were REALLY serious about move'n mo' product...
perhaps ya should'a came to me first fer the design work!

if they REALLY wanted to show their support and not worry about some
million (a couple of thousand) mom boycott or some religious backlash...
(cuz trust me...those demented pompous assh*les live fer this shit!)
they would sell their shiteous tee's in their stores to maximize their donations and not seem like their hide'n from some bully try'n to steal their lunch money

mind you...fer finacial reasons...i pick the lesser of 2 evils and refuse to drop my hard earned pennies at wally don't certain kittens out there point their paws at me fer not stand'n up against the machine...cuz really...i could put you in the poor house myself if i inventoried everything you have in yer house

i'm merely point'n out a simple fact that the many big wig teeter totter when it comes to fatt'n their piggy bank...and will do their best to try and like anyone will'n to throw money their is...
after all...THE AMERICAN WAY!

so put yer money to a good cause....and get off my dress!

pps...and if yer a Molly Snyder or BULLSEYE fan and were offended by ANYTHING i said in today's ramblin's...neither are close friends of get a life and GET OFF MY DRESS!

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