Monday, June 4, 2012

Feast On This!

ahhh...the hot summer is just around the corner...

the birds are sing'n their fav-o-rit morn'n song...

the flowers are bloom'n like no one's business...

the hills are alive with the sound of music...

must mean it's time fer BITCH to be pollinate'n her PRIDE from the rooftops

that's right's time again...fer the 5th annual BITCH~N~BRUNCH
hosted by the one and only BITCH FLOWERS

at SEVEN in downtown minne-apple fer the 40th annual PRIDE parade
                        SEVEN SUSHI  ULTRALOUNGE and SKYBAR
                               700 Hennepin Avenue Downtown Mpls

Sunday June 24th
doors open @ 9:30 am til 3:00 pm

$30 all-u-can-eat buffet w/free cocktail
$5 off w/PRIDE button
(buttons sold @ Saloon...Chambers...Hennepin Theater Trust)
proceeds go to the PRIDE Committee
$10 w/out buffet

with special guest spinn'n sensations...all the way back from Cali
                                                       DJ SHIEK

the PRIDE parade will be simulcast throughout SEVEN on flat screen tv's to enjoy for those who don't wanna  brave the elements...or don't wanna deal with the hustle and bustle of the downtown chaos during the parade route
(or fer you GRINDR/SCRUFF freaks out ya a better chance to meet yer meat...without all that extra meat try'n to horn in on yer territory!)

tickets can be purchased at SEVEN SUSHI ULTRALOUNGE and SKYBAR on Sunday June 24th get there early 'cuz it sells out quickly

whether yer non hetero...non homo...on the fence or in the closet...the
BITCH~N~BRUNCH has somethin' fer the whole entire family to enjoy...
                       no matter what yer family is entirely made up of!

so bring yer lil kittens...without their mittens...(fer jimminy's gonna be hot out) fer the hottest spot along the parade route Sunday June 24th...and show us yer PRIDE...have a lil brunch...while ya bitch with BITCH!

the beautiful graphix brought to you by the one and only FAEDRE BLUE
need some work done?...FAEDRE does everything from bridal showers to bar FAEDRE at of BITCH FLOWERS by the ever impressionistic Mattress Fever...that's me of course!

C U @ 7...and remember...PUHLEEZ...get off my dress!

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