Monday, July 15, 2013

a woman of 1000 voices

we've all heard them from time to time...
little voices in our heads compete'n fer attention

the devil on the left shoulder take'n control...
while the pansy ass angel on the right shoulder wants you to just do whats right...YA RIGHT!

have'n the options of many voices inside you...
can sometimes even snag you an Emmy fer oustand'n lead actress in a drama/comedy special

she's been referred to as "the woman of 1000 voices" someone (whomever someone is) with the most notable spot-on incarnations as MADONNA...CHER...Lady Gaga...and Winona Ryder to name a few...
Nadya Ginsburg is a force to be reckoned with!

hey i've been obsessed with you (in a non obsessive...non sexual way...sorry...i like the tooth chipppers) ever since i accidentally ran across yer videos on youtube a couple years back while i was search'n fer...
videos of a good friend of Miss Jackie Beat

co-create'n and starr'n in Austin Young's international cult webisodes of...
and a giant WORM...what my litter of kittens around the globe...wanna know did this all come about?

Thank you so much! The first thing I ever did in comedy was stand up in New York City, but after taking an Improv class at Chicago City limits I formed a comedy duo with Victor Verhaeghe who I met in one of my classes. Verhaeghe and Ginsburg made fun of modern life and pop culture so we did everything from playing Polish Ice Dancers to making fun of  Rent. That’s when I first started doing celebrity impressions. When I moved to LA to be on a sketch comedy show called Hype I met Jackie Beat who was a writer for the show at the time. Jackie wrote a parody of Madonna’s song Music and the video parody was the beginning of my Madonna impression. I met Austin Young at a Halloween party and he told me had a dream about
Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears, Winona Ryder and a giant, bean guzzling worm and asked if I’d like to get together and make some videos. That is how The Worm was born and where I picked up doing Madge again.
I was going to pitch a whole series based specifically around The Worm but no one was interested in watching a prime time romantic comedy about Rush Limbaugh.

Roseanne Barr says yer "brilliant"...and produced a web series that you've been featured in as CHER opposite Jackie Beat as yer son Chaz....
on her blog
has CHER blessed you with yer tributes to her? and also...have you ever used yer CHERNESS to  get a good table at any fancy LA eateries?

I’ve never reached out to Cher so no, no such blessing has occurred yet. I’ve also never used her name to get a good table at Sardis, but that’s because Cher hasn’t eaten since 1983.

yer brilliant parody of the QUEEN of yer one woman hit show...

garnered you rave reviews and has sold out thru out the US...and a lil birdie tells me you even surpassed yer goals on Kickstarter to star in yer own weekly webisode series of the same name...that i am even proud to say i'm an official backer to...(thanx to the shout out you gave to the Minne-Apple)
has the QUEEN herself been to one of yer shows to witness yer brilliance in person?...and when do you plan on bring'n yer madness to the Land of 10,000 Bottoms (oops)..i mean Lakes?

Madonna has never come to one of my shows but her brother 
Christopher Ciccone came last month and I was very proud to see him laughing. He was very sweet and very supportive. Via gossip in the Gay Mafia/Hair and Make Up World I am told that Madge has seen my videos. 
She had a contest for her Material Girl clothing line last year that she advertised with a short comedic video starring herself and Lola. 
After she released it, myself and Selene Luna
my some time comedic spit fire, partner in crime who portrays Lola in our video parodies were inundated with fans writing to tell us that Madge was copying our video Madonna and Child. So I have no official confirmation but I suspect the Queen has taken a gander of my goosing of her. I would LOVE to come to the Land of Many Bottoms this year but so far only have upcoming dates in SF on August 6th and Austin Texas on September 4th. Thanks for asking! buy tickets to my SF show HERE 

bein' the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist...
of my own universe that i am...i've pretty much turned my knee pads into gristle try'n to make a difference in this biz we call show...and i'm sure you yerself have had yer share of bumps and grinds thru-out yer amazingly incredible there any advice you could give someone try'n not loose their dignity or get their hooves crushed by the front door?

My advice to anyone who wants to go into showbiz is that there has never been a better time to be any kind of artist. With avenues like YouTube there are huge opportunities to go above the heads of any kind of powers that be who are attempting to dictate what is marketable or acceptable. If you want to create something don’t wait for other people’s approval, create and get it out there. I’d also say focus less on being famous and more on honing your craft
When you put the cart before that horsey sometimes all you get is a big pile of horse shit.

not only are you a breath take'n comedic beauty...
you've also starred in "Adam & Steve" with Parker Posey...done voice overs fer Japanimation films...MTV animated series... commercials...and radio...
and you've also written fer comedic legend Joan Rivers on the Fashion there anything you would like to whore out at this time fer the rest of my kittens to enjoy...thru monetary value to you?

Thank you! Yes I was proud to sit in judgment on RuPaul’s Drag Race...
this year along side comedic vixen and home girl Deven Green and Bruce Vilanch for the roast RuPaul challenge, be handpicked by Will and Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan to play a pregnant slut Roberta Hochman-Klien on their CBS series Partners and this fall you can see me playing myself on Brody Steven’s Comedy Central show “Enjoy It” 
produced by Zach Galifianakis. 
Hope that was slutty enough. If it wasn't you can get on my mailing list HERE 

now comes the fav-o-rit part of the interview i like to call...
"can we talk about ME fer a change?"

this is how it yer best Barbara Walters blouse...ask me ANYTHING you want to ask about me under the rainbow...well except about rainbows...cuz that's just fuck'n lazy!

I have a few, Ms Fever...
How did you come up with the name Mattress Fever?
WOW...Nadya...yer the FIRST to EVER ask me that ? (insert laugh here)...seriously's an old family yiddish name from ireland...or that's what my hippy parents told me...and many many kittens still ask me if they are free love'n answer is dad is dead and Mommie know how the movie goes...and PUHLEEZ fer the love of Jesus Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen...don't get me started on my sister Skarlet!

If you were playing EAT FUCK KILL with Cher, Madonna and Winona Ryder how would you proceed?

hmmm...this has to be done d-e-l-i-c-a-t-e-l-y if i ever wanna make a name in the biz of show
so with Cher...i would try and get her to go out to EAT...are there any tic tac smorgasbords around any more?
with M-Dolla...i'd holla...outta the top of her stretch mini coop..."FUCK ya kabbalalalaramadamadingdong rocks!" 
and with Miss Winona...i would KILL to have alabaster know they say black don't crack...but she's white..and that ain't right!...we're both garner the same generational letter...but that lady STILL looks like she'd be all...
 if someone tried to cut her off take'n her park'n spot when she goes out grocery shopp'n at the Piggly Wiggly...and ps...a lil history lesson fer you Miss Ginsburg...Winona was actually named after my home town of Winona, MN...true all about in TEEN BEAT back in the 80's...(if Winona is out there in blogsville and reads this...PLEEZ CALL ME...let's get a BLOEDOW'S long john soon!)

Also how do you feel about hairy balls? Don’t let it sway you but I love them.

i've been to masquerade balls...debutante balls...
but never hairy balls since 1988 (ssssh!)...though they sound so very very 70's retro...maybe i'll have to give it a go once again!...nothin' says love'n like a lil floss with yer pickle tickle

i wanna thank the ever hysterically intoxicate'n Nadya Ginsburg...
fer take'n time outta her plethora of projects to chatter with my legion of non believable...unbelievable catch her whenever ya can kittens

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now get off my dress

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