Monday, September 16, 2013

sometimes ya feel like a nutcase sometimes ya don't!

ever get that yer being watched?
and i don't mean that in a Linda Lovelace sorta ways kittens...well not today anyways!

so you know how i'm into gangsta rap MADONNA right?

MADONNA...if yer read'n this...i want you to know...i'm borderline...i feel like i'm goin to loose my mind! i'm gett'n flaklempt!
talk amongst yerselves...i'll give you a topic....MADONNA is neither a virgin or from Virginia...discuss!

so there i was a couple months back...chatter'n amongst the lost lonely souls along the informational highway look'n fer fornicational pleasures at the easiest and apparently...most polluted and diluted...i mean the most "popular" informational highway rest stop out there...GRINDR...
strictly as a sexually charged starved observationalist of course

well truth be told...i actually loathe non verbal communication completely...
about as much as i loathe sushi...Belushi...phoney's and flakes...and definitely anything deep fried on a stake...the socially retarded...the chemically dependents...and what is up with all these emotionally delayed defendants?

i think Miss Macgregor's nipples said it best when they said...

bein' the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe that i am...i seriously don't have time to be bothered with
play'n the proverbial text game of cat and mouse...i mean come'on...i'm a pseudo sorta somewhat star after all...i don't have to put up with that shit!
so unless i'm totally engaged in a deep conversation of yer boredom...i just throw my contact number out there like candy to the depraved non heterosexual kittens with a pulse...

when ya think about it really though...text'n is sooo impersonal...
it was much more romantic when our indian mo's used to send smoke signals...granted you never knew back then if it was fer a hook-up...or they just needed a bucket of water cuz their tee-pee was on fire...but just like smoke signals...9.5 times outta 10 (trust me...that .5 helps)...they rarely ever call back anyways...cuz aggressively passiveness is sooo much more attractive...don'tcha think?

well on the occasion that the one half that actually does decide to do voice on voice connection...i do my best to try and weed out their intentions within the first 5 to 15 minutes...and make my call if it's gonna end up bein' a terrific nite on the town...or just a tea bag party after the sun goes down
and if the latter is the case...i do my stretches and make sure to lay out an assortment of spermicidal jams and jellies...i am a safety gurl after all

one even'n while i was pump'n my muscles...plural here...(don't get twisted)...i received a text from an out of my area code unknown number
short story a lil longer than needed...yer name ain't in my cellular device? either lost my interest...or didn't bring me any canned goods!...such was the case i guess with said texted man...but i'm all about give'n it up to charity...when a quota is i said to him...send me a pic to remind me why i didn't wanna be bothered to log you in my phone in the first place...cuz now maybe i never knows right?

minutes later...i received a text look'n like the guy work'n out next to me...
at first i thought..S-C-O-R-E...well he was gravy train after all!

but as i looked closer to the was my back stand'n next to him?
hmmm? this text was turn'n more into like...the call is come'n from inside the house!

i immediately put down the dumbbells and pulled up my leg warmers...and skedaddled the H-E-double hockey stix outta i was head'n out... 
my good friend Fae called and i was tell'n her about this freak who took a pic of me work'n out...and not that that was so unusual...but it was more the manner that the pic was take' was take'n thru the window of the gym
my 1st OFFICIAL STALKER! i know what it feels like to be MADONNA...well...minus the gazillion dollars in my piggy bank...a hot bilingual conalingul to read bed time stories to...and a posse of A double snake kissers every where i go to do my bidd'n...but at least we now have a common thread to talk about over beluga caviar...carrot strips and kabbalah on the side...if the situation should ever happen that we meet...again

by the time i had made it home...i started gett'n dinner ready and noticed another text from him...but decided that this cat and mouse game had gone on long i deleted it without even read'n it...then another text had come thru...this time with a pic that looked awfully familiar to myself...

seriously kittens...this was now gett'n a lil to "i will not be ignored!"

and i was in no mood fer bunny soup that even'n!

3 hours i was od'n on sex and the city...since i wasn't have'n any...
a call came thru with no name...but i was so strung out like some junkie whore on the show...that i picked it up without think'n...they said they were Jay and that we met a while back...hmmm i did meet a Jay in chicago over market days that was from the Minne-Apple...and wanted to "hang out" i said sure come on over...but only to swap stories...not spit...cuz i was gett'n ready to count sheep

30 mins later...a text popped up say'n he was i threw on my Smurf jammies (why not!) and headed fer the back door...but as i reached the top of the steps...i could see some guy peer'n thru the back door window
this was not the Jay that i had met in chicago...and though he was Colin Farrell attractive...
 in a Charles Nelson Reilly sorta way...
i had zero clue who he was and was in no mood to play 20 i opened the back door and asked him who he was...turns out...

as he paced back and forth in the park'n lot try'n to get me to let him inside...i wondered....hmmm? did he ever find me?...then i thought wait!...i'm thee unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own damn universe...i don't have to put up with this shit!
then i noticed he had a back i let him talk...cuz i wasn't wear'n my explosive deflector jammies

he pretty much rambled on...hop scotch'n from random story to random 95% of non heterosexuals lie on line about themselves (can't argue with him there unfortunately) i was good look'n (again...good point!) but look like i'm pretentious (hey hold up a minute there!)...then he went off the deep end about if he ever had kids and the stove was on how he would let them touch it and they would learn their lesson and how no one ever wants to hang out with him...and how he has an IQ of 110...
AND...time to go P-S-Y-C-H-O! 

i told him it's been lovely meet'n him and thanked him fer play'n...he went home with some beautiful part'n a phone number to a "friend" of mine work'n inside the home of the the koo-koo clucks and some turtle wax i had left over from my price is right winn'ns...and made my way inside
i racked my brain over and over how he found me as i applied my St Ives mint julip mud mask...turns out a friend i had called said that any picture's that i may have take'n in my own lil shit box i call home and sent out to the universe...can easily be tracked by GPS from my phone

i knew upgrade'n my dino flip phone to a smart phone was gonna be the death of dumb ass would never figer out all the tricks and triggers and chaos's it could's a trilogy of terror i could do without!

3 days later...i received a call from yet another unknown number...and like an idiot think'n it could be a call from Ed McMahon tell'n me i had won the publishers clear'n house bullshit...(before i realized he's dead) i picked up!
he wanted to know what my name was...i said "WHY?"...he said...
 "cuz i wanna know who i'm look'n at!"

well it has been 3 weeks since my stalker left me...but i know he's out'n...wait'n...want'n more...of me...well why the hell not?
but i'm in no mood to have'ta get another number fer fuck's sakes...i can barely remember my ABC's...let alone my STD' until we meet again...and i'm sure we will...


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