Monday, April 18, 2016

to PEE or NOT to PEE

that whole adage about...if a tree falls down in the forest...and no one is
around to hear it...does it make a sound?
ummm's called a fuck'n tape recorder you uneducated cunt ruffle!

so recently...a small portion of the deep south has decided to hop in their 
righteous delorean...back to the draconian age of fuckery laws that can get you cumm'n or way or another...designed by some delusional entity that has been blindly worshiped fer centuries and bury it's head in the sand of revolution...when it comes to a simple human necessity that WE ALL have to do at least once a day

governors fuck'n pluck'n banjo buddies in North Carolina and Mississippi...
decided to be the head of the pious pack...with a pack of their sanctimonious bullshit laws hidden in their reestablish'n ancient laws allegedly created by some CASPER in the clouds...that were supposedly created thousands of years the only way to live life today...without any sorta persecution 
from those who look down on their balls...instead of just look'n down into some ball...that should be able to persecute them without any sorta prejudice to their insanity  

let's begin with mr. North Carolina and all those meatloaf makers...AND
lemonade back in march...their governor...Pat McCrory McCrock-O-Shit...decided to piss all over the state by sign'n into law...the bill HB2...commonly known as the "bathroom bill" that basically says...if you were born a biological dick smacker or kitty scratcher...
regardless if you are in "trans"ition...that you must use the appropriate shitter assigned to you the second you slide down yer mothers fallopian tubes of course...

unfortunately fer fans...the whole state felt the power of the twisted pen...
and a gigantic back hand bitch slap sammich by entertainment giants like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and RINGO STARR who pulled out their shows
along with brilliant documentarist MICHEAL MOORE and bad hair plugged WICKED composer STEPHEN SCHWARTZ who followed suit refuse'n to have their brilliant work wasted in some wasteland of comic book ideology that isn't consistent with those live'n in the present

but the biggest blow that most won't be able to blow to anymore...
is a help'n hand from internet porn giant XHAMSTER...who blocked any and ALL North Carolinian pole smackers access to their site...and it's only gonna get worse...cuz they stand to loose many millions...if not billions of benjamins...
from corporations like PAYPAL and many others include'n the federal government
although CYNDI LAUPER has decided to continue with her tour in Raleigh on june 4th...she stated that she will be donate'n ALL her profits fer the nite to help fight this asinine law 

next is the MISSISSIPPI governor chosen confederate colostomy fucktwat

and just like in North'll hit the states piggy banks huge...
as entertainers like SHARON STONE and BRYAN ADAMS both refuse'n to work in the m-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-crooked letter-crooked letter-i-humpback-humpback-i state...with many many businesses and government funds to follow...loose'n billions in their sanctimonious swamp

thankfully not all is lost in the plantation nation fer the LGBTXYZPDQ 

hey North Carolina...why don't ya buy a clue from yer twin sister...AND

if state ass wipes and businesses wanna hide behind these fucked up...
 "religious laws"...FINE...but then they should let it be known by EVERYONE that either puts them in public seats or keeps there biz's wear'n a simple symbol of unity and the ENTIRE population can make up their own minds where they're gonna blow their benjamins

in close'n...there is hope on the horizon kittens...all you need to do is

now get off my dress!

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