Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BOY and Girls are still have'n fun!

a lil history lesson today...picture it kittens...the year was 1983
the spoiled brats of hedge fund families and foreign dignitaries sported the 1st swanky totally rad portable phone...that also doubled as a desperate and daring dildo fer some
cabbage patch dolls turned ordinary desperate soccer moms into rage'n fucktwats clear'n the way fer teen pregnancy to go thru the roof
Hot Lips Hoolihan and the rest of the M*A*S*H unit packed their bags and finally left Korea after 11 successful years on the front lines
while Skywalker hadda intense sword fight with "daddy" at the box office
and the artist formally known as Lieutenant Lush
 and this former rockabilly artist had the biggest hits define'n the year with their unforgettable mind numb'n anthems
flash forward to 30 years later and these 2 power houses are still pack'n the houses and out on the road together fer the 1st time since they conquered and defined the 80's...end'n their tiny tour together tomorrow nite in Vienna Virgina before they hit the road on their own
Miss Lauper finally put on her fav-o-rit shit kickers and is out with a new cd aptly title "DETOUR"
with her take on country covers from the age of the golden oldies like
and "HEARTACHE BY THE NUMBERS" to name a few
click here fer Cyndi's solo date stops
(and just FYI...i'm more than happy to join anyone at any of these dates since she won't be stopp'n in the Minne-Apple this time around...provide'n whoever you are...u provide me with an airline ticket...a ticket to the show...and at the very least...a 3 star hotel...that you won't be stay'n at of course...well unless yer Johnny Depp or Johnny Depp adjacent)

then...my BOY is back and better than ever after finish'n his run
as guest judge on the british version of "THE VOICE"...and ready to hit the road once again
with all his original boys from the band
doin their 1st major world tour in years...kick'n off their world tour down under in Adelaide Australia on june 6th...of course i'm like a giddy lil school gurl over the moon...
anxiously await'n to see them once again in...my home state this time...where i won't be poked and prodded by insecure security over a damn belt...on sunday july 24th @ MYTH with my cuz's and a plethora of eventual desperate future stalkers i'm sure
and hope'n this is FINALLY the year that i'll finally get their 1st full length album in years
(that incidentally i might add..i had bought and paid fer 2 years ago now) 
tentatively titled "TRIBES"...with the hit single "MORE THAN SILENCE"

there ya have it kittens...so get yer tickets today before they're all sold out...buy their crap here...and get off my dress!

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