Monday, November 28, 2016


well a fine hiedee ho to you...we don't have much let's just get...
right down to it...i want ya to close yer eyes and visualize fer but a mere moment if you will...(come on...i can see you peek'n)...well ok...i guess that won't help much with the story i'm about to tell ya with yer cornea's closed and all...ok fine...kick back in yer culottes and have someone read it to ya then you lazy fucker...cuz today we're goin on a lil history field trip...
but kittens..puhleez hide any reminders you have of the year 2016...cuz ya don't need that fuck over moment that Christopher Reeves hadda experience in the 80's...kapeesh?

picture it..the year is 1925
the film "BEN HUR" was burn'n up the movie theaters without have'n to mutter a single word...well cuz it was the year of the silent era kittens
the ankle was finally make'n it's appearance as thee most exotic thing to walk down the runways
a sluethy detective and the king of late nite were born

and a young lasse nicknamed Mickie
but known to most as the matriarch to our large irish catholic family as Viola...
of course...i just called her Grama 
would receive a delightfully charm'n letter from her future luv and eventually my Grampa Edd...that i would never have the pleasure to meet unfortunately...on May 18th 1925
NOOOO!...heaven's to betsy...please don't tell me you guys missed the pie social!
no one speaks of pie socials these days...and that truly saddens me!

3 months can almost feel the giddiness and long'n fer his lil lassie over-whelm him as he put pen to paper...
much like i get when i hear Boy George has a new album come'n out...or one of yer high school bullies is left desolate in disrepair and down on his luck
oh to only live in those days...when everything was soo real and soo authentic...when you actually hadda work at keep'n the relationship alive...
without a simple block or delete button at yer fingertips to end it when you didn't see it fitt'n into yer E true hollyweird story after all!
special thanx to my brother Darrin fer save'n this treasured piece of history

now get off my dress!

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