Monday, January 30, 2017


the good ol' days of original good television programm'n...
are long gone...unfortunately

ever since the absolute brain dead explosion of all that "reality" tv...
every rich bitch'n vaginal scab...from Orange County to the Big Apple on the annoyingly popular BRAVO series...
have done nothin' productive but turn the middle class into desperately drunk barbie dolls 
still try'na fit into their ill-fitt'n prom dress...wonder'n where they went wrong

well don't worry my couch sloths slurp'n yer zima and choke'n yer tuna hot dish...cuz the reality shit show is about to heat up and hit the over head
 ceil'n fan this fall...with BRAVO's all new season
starr'n Miss Lahren..."if he ain't Aryan...heck...then we ain't marry'n"...(insert the twirl with a screech'n owl sound here) as the half baked spit fired sorority slut...who can alphabetize her STD's faster than her ABC's
also starr'n Ivanka..."the only think my father wants to do more than fuck over me!" (insert the twirl here with some sparkles) as the FIRST incestually desired daughter 
and KellyAnne..."oh no...the alternative fact of the matter is...i never said what i just said!...wait who just said that?" as CUNTESS CONN'D-HER-WAY-IN (insert a constipated tiresome dizzy twirl here)
and of course the back drop of the whole the cancerous slovenian stain...that was bought and paid for in make her maker not just look like some pile of deflated  pasty ass ego riddled tax scamm'n loud-mouthed misogynistic piece of shit with teeny tiny eeny weenie pussy grabb'n paws...that can only attract unmoralistic opportunist institutionalized immigrant flies...but that he actually is exactly just that!
(insert blank stare and porpoise noises here)

so there ya go kittens...hope you enjoy the show as much as i am glad i got rid of my cable 15 years get off my dress!

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