Monday, January 2, 2017

it's clear and present danger

listen's simple kittens...i am gonna make this very short...
bitter sweet (since i'm on vaca this week)
i will not waste my breathe fer the next 4 years...justify'n nor ever accept'n a unqualified silver spooned mentally psychotic loose'n 12 year old tweet'n narcissistic sloth and his cabinet of equally brain dead anal's just not in my nature
the only number you need to not 867-5309
it's 2,864,974

and though there are 65,844,610 that actually have a brain and a conscious fer their fellow americans...this is for the 62,979,636 desperate reality bitten deplorables who need to remember that number every time things don't turn out the way they expected!

now get off my dress!

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