Friday, April 1, 2011

i broke my ego in 17 places!! april fool's...but i got your attention

after many many many requests and months in the make'n...i finally said to myself...i said " either get it together...or you'll blow it!"

so i sat myself down to start my very own non verbal communicational stop along the informational highway (i'll try not to litter...too much)

some posts may be random thoughts of nothing but for pure comedic nonsense i've endured at some point in the make you...the reader...wish'd you'd been there...but you weren' i'll give you a slice of my life in a pretty lil bow...once a a gift for your otherwise...
uneventful imagination or perhaps i may put on my democratic apron and deal with the real hard issues affect'n the way the world is spinn'n at any given moment (ya...right!) if you want read that crap...pop on over to the huffington post ok!

quite fitt'n that i begin on the day of the fool...for i see...a complete fool!

a fool for love...a fool for laughter...a fool for a fool...a fool with a tool...a fool who can...and fooled!

i have always been a  fan of things that begin with the letter BIG...BIG bank accounts...BIG music/movie collections...BIG closets of clothes...BIG family/friendships...and of course...BIG bulges (insert yer own indulgent imagination here)...but BIG WORDS have never been part of my forte(though i do believe that last word is sorta BIG for me)

i write what comes to my it sounds if i were to speak it...i have my own spellcheck locked away in my brain...and i'm not share'n the combo with anyone...anytime soon

from time to time if i accidentally throw out a BIG word that does...or does not...make sense to the reader (i deserve 25 cents for each one used correctly i believe) BIG whoop!...but don't bother white'n me out when  you feel it's needed...cuz i will hunt you down and feed you some of my homemade backhand sammich!!

we all have opinions...some more than others...but this is my show play along or kindly collect your annoy'n thoughts...and lifetime supply of pathetically political correctness...and puhleez...


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