Monday, November 19, 2012


if you could see me now
stronger than i was before
if you could show me how
then all the lies could be ignored
but after all
it still is true
i can't forget what we went thru
i wish you could see me now

a suitcase full of memories
remember how it used to be
the rainy nites by candlelight
it felt like you with me

i gave you everything i had
the fists would fly when you got mad
no matter how hard i tried
i thought i was the only one
but after all's been said and done
my future would not be a lie

they say that time heals old wounds
i made you a mix of yer fav-o-rit tunes
and yes i'll admit yer always on my mind
i wish you all the happiness
whatever you find and nothing less
but i'm move'n on cuz i'm just not that kind

the days and nites
they last so long
the love i had
for now is gone

i've said my rest in peace
i wish you all the friend
so until that day we meet again...on the other side
goodbye for now...the end!

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