Monday, December 31, 2012

a a frock...on a rock!

sounds like some commerical tag line for some famously stadistic queen...
try'n to peddle her narcotic humor onto the masses...don't it?

that's pretty much the catalyst that started this whole notion in motion in '94

long before Guy Pearce played playboy David...the Prince of Wales
who would become King Edward VIII in "The King's Speech"

before Hugo Weaving portrayed Elrond Lord of Rivendell
one of the mighty rulers of  the middle-earth in "Lord of the Rings" trilogy

and years after Terrence Stamp stole the show
play'n Krystonian supervillian General Zod in "Superman"

they were fabulously frocked and flambouyantly filthy...
as Adam Whitely...the young obnoxious muscle mary...Felicia Jollygoodfellow

as Anthony "Tick" Belrose...the try'n too hardly not to be the str8 act'n and appear'n father of 1...Mitzi Del Bra

and Bernadette Basinger as the grief-stricken transexual...who used to be known as "RALPH"

drive'n thru the australian outback in their barbie budget camper in...

i broke my piggy bank that year take'n as many as i could to see this indy masterpiece...a piece that i wanted to master...which i did when i became...
thee unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe years later

in 2006 it was adapted for the theater and became...
a hit muscial sensation in it's original homeland of Australia fer 2 glitter'n years

5 years hit the bright lights of broadway...
produced by Bette Midler

Priscilla the Musical has been nominated fer many awards since it began...
 winn'n best musical production and best act'n performance in Sydney

a Laurence Olivier Award for best costume design in London

and best new support'n actor in a choreographer and best set design at the Theatergoers Choice Awards in London

also winn'n the Tony Award fer outstanding costume designs in 2011

and FINALLY the tour'n company will be hitt'n the Minne-Apple

all the wigs...all the glitz...all the glamour...
and all heels you can handle

check out their page fer a tour stop in a town near you...
you'd be absolutely mad not to!

well...i gotta start gett'n get off my dress and go!

ps...and don't ferget kitten...

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