Monday, February 18, 2013

still have'n fun

some boys take a beautiful girl...and hiiiiiide her away...
from the rest of the world

but thankfully today's spotlight star is still shine'n bright and still have'n fun after 30 years in the biz!

CYNDI LAUPER burst onto the music scene back in 1980
as the lead singer of the retro rockabilly band BLUE ANGELS

the band became popular thru-out the clubs in the Big Apple until...
they called it quits after play'n their last gig at the infamous Studio 54 club in the fall of '82

originally written and recorded by Robert Hazard in 1979 from a male's perspective...Cyndi reworked the lyrics and dominated the airwaves in '84
with her thrift store style as a solo artist and the release of her all female party anthem...."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
off her debut album "She's So Unusual"

the video fer the song was nominated fer 6 awards in 1984
and she won fer "best female video" at the 1st ever Mtv Awards

even write'n and sing'n the title theme song fer the 1985 classic teen movie "The Goonies"

she also sang the theme song to the lil kittens saturday show

by 1985...Cyndi lent her vocals...along with a string of other musical talents
 to help raise money fer the famine relief efforts in Africa on the title track song "We Are The World"

that same year...Cyndi would enter the ring of the WWF
as Wendi Richter's manager and win the WWF Women's title

in addition to her musical 1988...Cyndi starred in her 1st movie
as Sylvia Pickel...along side Jeff the movie "VIBES" and eventually other movie offers would follow

by 1994...Cyndi reworked the lyrics once again to her smash hit...
this time putt'n a rastafarian sound to the music and retitle'n the international hit song  "hey now (girls just wanna have fun)"

Cyndi continued with her act'n career and won an emmy award in 1995
fer outstand'n lead'n actress in a comedy Marianne Lugasso...on the hit series "Mad About You"

among her enormous contributions to the music industry and starr'n roles on the big and the small screen...Cyndi has shown tremendous support towards the LGBT community...especially the homeless LGBT youth with:

Cyndi has performed at many GAY PRIDE events...
include'n become'n the GRAND MARSHALL at many GAY PRIDE parades

Cyndi was also part of the VIVA GLAM campaign...
donate'n 100% of her lipstick sales to the MAC AIDS Fund

and you know you've made it to infamy...
once you've been immortalized in plastic as one of Barbie's best friends 

Cyndi released her 1st book last year simply titled...
"a memoir" which made it to the New York Times best seller list

by 2006...Cyndi made her Broadway debut as Jenny in...
"The Threepenny Opera"...opposite Tony award winner Alan Cumming

Cyndi once again will be headed to back to Broadway this march...
for "KINKY BOOTS" the musical

based on the 2005 cult movie of the same name

music and lyrics written by Grammy award winner Cyndi written by 4 time Tony award winner Harvey Fierstein...and directed/choreographed by Tony award winner Jerry Mitchell

the musical follows Charlie Price inherit'n his dad's shoe factory... 
which is about to go bankrupt...and in order to save the family business...

Charlie gets inspiration when he meets perform'n illusionist ...Lola
in need of some sturdy stiletto's

as Charlie and Lola work together to turn the factory around...
this unlikely pair end up have'n more in common than they thought and find out that when you change yer mind about can change the world

one of the songs from the show became another dance floor hit fer Cyndi

Cyndi also stars in her own reality show...
"Still So Unusual!" saturday nites on the WE network

which follows her hectic schedule and the constant struggle with the juggle of international fame...rehearsals fer her Broadway debut along with...
 bein' a wife to her actor husband David Thornton and mother to their only child Declyn

from grow'n up in the Queens...
to become'n thee most uniquely unusual queen in the industry today 

whether she's spinn'n out the hits fer the dance floor...

throw'n a party in her own back yard...

or simply ponder'n her next big move

CYNDI LAUPER reigns as the unusual artist one step ahead of her game...
and the ride ain't over fer the girl who's still have'n fun!

now get off my dress!

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