Monday, February 25, 2013

fashionably passionate

picture it...the year 1984....
this queen was polish'n her crown

this queen was make'n the rounds

these guys wanted to be the QUEEN

and i was obsessed with this australian queen of fashion report'n show

air'n on CNN from 1980 til 2001...and watched by over 200 million globally

Elsa traveled the world report'n on the latest designs...
to walk down the runways from Paris...Milan...London...Tokyo and New York and single handedly brought top fashion to the fore front of the world

i was fixated every sat morn'n from 9:30 til 10 and sometimes even to the point of obsessesion have'n to watch'n the reruns at 1 that make sure i didn't miss anything...much to the annoyance of the rest of my siblings...
  that wanted to watch...the latest smack down on the WWF...or some rodeo show

one in particular designer was french extraordinaire couture designer...
by the name of Jean Paul Gaultier

i had now realized my call'n (at that time anyways)...i wanted to show my designs on the runways of London...Milan...and New York (Paris and Tokyo...not so much) nothing against them mind you...but fer a 14 year old pimpley free fresh faced like what you like...PERIOD!
Gaultier's designs were what i imagined would be what i would create...if i had a french accent with a piggy bank burst'n at the seams to purchase whatever fabrics my heart desired

by 2 greatest the time...
would finally walk down the aisle together as QUEEN and QUEEN...fer the epic tour that redefined what a concert should be...
the BLONDE AMBITION TOUR was a theatrical experience of music...movement and design!

Gaultier would create some of  the greatest visual pieces for the stage ...

from concept to the concert stage...Madonna was the perfect muse to show case his extreme talent and they've stuck together fer the past 20 herpes to a hooker...
and his master pieces...along with her presence...have stood the test of time

i was in awe!

i knew i wanted this fer myself...and 5 years later in 1995...i would be given that chance (granted on an EBT budget)...but i made it work dammit!
recently...i was clean'n out the cobwebs of my past and came across the designs i created fer myself 15 years ago...completely influenced by Jean Paul Gaultier...that have never seen the light of day...until today:

Krystal Kleer sparkler
Krystal Kleer hooker trash
Krystal Kleer snow ferrie
Krystal Kleer summer breeze
Krystal Kleer warrior
Krystal Kleer vampiress
Krystal Kleer evil queen
(this one was actually taken from a dream i had one nite)

i've desperately tried to get in with contact Kathy Lee...

so i'm left with whore'n myself out to my litter of kittens scattered thru-out my blog world..that would be able and interested to stitch this bitch up in one of her fab-u-less creations...on an EBT budget of course
i'm not beneath pull'n out my knee pads...if need be

but if you would like me to save my dignity and feel like fund'n my EBT project thru monetary value...i would be ever so grateful...i would even send you an originally signed copied design or some buttons plastered with my mug on them...or better yet...
perhaps a rotisserie chicken!...well... we can work out the deets later

just drop some coinage to my paypal account under : Mattress Fever

or feel free to contact me via a merried of other ways...

thru email :
thru FB :!/mattress.fever

i'm look'n to get at least one creation created by my april 15th deadline
(the hooker trash would be best fer the number involved)

if yer unable to contribute monetarily or physically sew one fer me...
just enjoy steal'n my creations fer yer own selfish worth...and get off my dress!

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