Monday, February 4, 2013

a different light

if you can build a bridge over troubled waters…then faith is a feel’n
somethin’ George Michael once said “cuz ya gotta have”

so whether you believe in the here after

or where do you go after here?

there's one thing to never forget...don’t stop believe’n…
hold on to that f-e-e-e-lay-e-in’

today i’ll be talk’n to a MN native about her new book
 “A NEW IDENTITY: Transformed by Truth”…by 1st time author Phoebe Cruise

welcome Phoebe…thanx for take'n the time to talk about yer book

so this is yer very 1st book you've gotten published…and as a published writer myself…i know how very excite’n that it is to see yer thoughts and words in print…how long did it take fer you to come up with the idea of yer book and put pen to paper…or in this day and age…concept to keyboard? and what were some of the obstacles (if any) that you encountered along the way?

What i remember is that i had a prompting to put my miracles down on paper so i wouldn't forget all God has done for me. These miracles were explainable so i know it didn't happen by chance. the only obstacle along the way was the prejudice. people have a hard time believing in the supernatural.

libraries and bookstores and the informational highways are over flow'n with books that tell stories of personal triumphs or tragedies…enlightenments to inspirations…both fiction and non fiction…
can you tell us a brief summary what the reader can expect when they read yer book?

Everyone experiences miracles daily but we soon forget right after it happens. i didn't want to forget the miracles so i recorded them along the way. These miracles have changed my life for the better. Anyone who reads this book experiences a transformed life.

there is a smorgasbord of religions out there...
that try and convey their message as enlightenment and inspiration to others
though some practitioners from certain religions don’t always practice what they preach

and others go a little over board

what sort of message are you try’n to convey to yer readers with yer book?

My book is all about exposing the religious leaders who only preach for personal gain. I've had a lot of issues with leaders from the church and I wanted to expose the lie and bring forth the truth. The message I want to convey is that each person is loved and cared for by God and God is all about unconditional love, but what is being preached at the pulpit is how God only loves with conditions. me…grew up in an irish/catholic family and went to mass on sundays but i grew out of the “ritual” durin’ my teenage years as an alter boy in 1984…
when i showed a picture of Boy George to the priest from my church…

and he said that "G*D DID NOT want me to “idolize” the likes of this person"
and that is a direct quote...apparently…he had his number on speed dial that day or somethin'

when do you first remember that you felt a call’n to a higher power?...and have their been any struggles accept’n what yer faith has told you?

I felt a higher calling to expose what church leaders are doing in the name of God. 

I want everyone to know that there are extreme people who do more harm than good in the name of God. If it looks like hate or judgement, it isn't coming from God! The only struggles I have are the ignorant pastors who do not have the heart of God.

This book was written for people who are thinking of committing suicide. I wrote this book to inspire people and to give them hope in a hopeless situation. Each person was designed by God and each person is loved by God. What is coming from the church sounds very different.  A couple of my friend's daughter committed suicide because of bullying. This really breaks my heart because i've seen what it did to my daughter first hand at school. I would do anything to help people who are being bullied and want to give hope because there is more to life than just the rainbow. I hope God's message in my book will touch your life like no other. Peace and love, Peobe

now comes the fav-o-rit part of the interview that i like to call...
“can we talk about ME fer a change?”

basically what happens here is…i’ll take off my Barbara Walters blouse fer a minute and sit in the hot seat fer a moment and give you a chance to ask me A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G under the rainbow…well except about rainbows…(that’s just being lazy) that you've always wanted to know…but were too afraid to ask?

ok then...what do you believe in? that tired old Whiney Houston song goes...
"i believe the children are our future...teach them well and let them lead the way"

i believe in keep'n yer expectations low...and yer heels high

and i believe...we've run outta time!

i wanna thank the inspirationally talented Phoebe Cruise and wish her much success on her book
“A NEW IDENTITY: Transformed by Truth”

If you would like to purchase a copy of “A NEW IDENTITY: Transformed by Truth”…please visit

Barnes and Noble:

You can also find Phoebe Cruise @
so give yer eyes a good work-out and get off my dress!

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