Monday, December 1, 2014

i got an INCH to scratch

on nites like this...when the world's a bit amiss
and the lights go down...across the trailer park
i get down...i feel had...i feel on the verge of going mad
and then it's time to punch the clock!

i was 1st introduced to this musical piece of theater known as...
by this hyperventilate'n hyena my magically delish...exceptionally hysterical...friend Peetrinella back in 2001...and i was hooked like a junkie to heroin

HEDWIG...fer those brain dead meat beaters who haven't had the chance to view this harmonious rock only about thee best original cult
musical to date...think THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW...on steroids

center'n around a young cub scout named Hansel Schmidt...
yearn'n to escape the clutches of East Berlin...
finally gets his wish after follow'n the confectionery
carnage of  sugar daddy soldier Luther Robinson...

but only after he has a "procedure" to make it thru customs

after Hansel's "guardian angel fell asleep on the watch"...
he went from Hansel to Hedwig...and was left with a "barbie doll crotch"
and became the internationally ignored song stylist barely stand'n before you...on their trek across america...find'n fade'n fame...minimal fortune and themselves
starr'n SCTV funny gal...ANDREA HEDWIG's manager Phyllis Stein
Miriam Shor as Yitzhak...HEDWIG's  heartbroken backup singer

written...directed and starr'n the beyond brilliant...

originally appear'n as the centerpiece to this masterpiece of an off broadway musical production that ran fer 2 years from 1998 to 2000...before head'n to the big screen and winn'n many many countless awards

the stage production would FINALLY come full circle...
in 2014...when a a proper revival would return where it all began...but this time on BROADWAY where it belongs...starr'n NPH as HEDWIG and kill'n it at the TONY awards this year...walk'n away with best lead actor in a musical...along with best revival of a musical among many other awards
the lead was taken over fer a brilliant summer run by ANDREW RANNELS 
currently is now portrayed by the hottest serial killer on cable...DEXTER's MICHAEL C. HALL...who's hopped into HEDWIG's heels til jan 2015...get yer tickets fast before they're all gone

but finally...the one who started all the madness many moons ago...
JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL will once again be revisit'n his hay days as HEDWIG ROBINSON...start'n jan 21st fer a limited run of 8 weeks only

trust me...this is a show NOT TO BE MISSED!...
since that jolly ol fat ass in the cozy red jumpsuit ain't gonna fulfill my wish this year...well cuz i wasn't desperate enough to fill him...guess i better turn in all my aluminum cans and trade in my 90210 trade'n cards...cuz i ain't miss'n this performance!

so with that in mind's time fer me to...

get yer tickets today and puhleez...get off my dress!

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