Monday, October 5, 2015


to party ICONIC: REBEL HEARTS was a GIGANTOR success...
we raised a boat load of benjamins fer the LGBT homeless youth @ thanx to ALL those who actively participated into help'n me put this know who you are...(and you know who you aren't) to all those who came...THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU...but it's been nearly 2 weeks fer me i hadn't had time to dedicate a proper column this week...but i did find an interest'n one troll'n around the net late last nite fer somethin' enjoy...i'll be back with another nail bite'n story that'll blow yer box apart next week!

so to give ya a lil back story of this all started when...
a popular household triangular chip company decided to throw their support behind those non hetero pole smokers and clam diggers...why not?

well...some loyal customers decided to voice their opinion...

hmmm...Peter Piper picked the wrong pepper here...

oh must be hard to think...with yer balls take'n up so much space

someone's not happy with the menu at the raisin ranch are they?

and you know yer fucked when the religious fucktards gets involved

i think Curt's been drink'n one too many Drano shots...

C-U-NEXT-TIME...just get in yer mini van and drive to the closest cliff get yer chip on sunday moron...don't be a pig!

 hope you get of my dress!


  1. What a fun and Spectacular event! Congrats on your success! We had a fantastic time and got some really great pics!

    1. thanx...glad you had a fun time...3 more years til the next one i guess when she tours fer the last time with her current contract!