Monday, October 26, 2015

the devil wears tacky khaki's

ever since i can recall not to really have any knowledge...
or really care to acknowledge the facts...the fact of the matter is...medicines and those who administer them...have done their damnedest to help with the ailments of those in need without any sorta greed

fer instance...dur'in the Macedonian period...circa 332 B.C....
follically challenged egyptians wrapped in their modesty cover made from 100% grecian muslin...would use medieval straw like apparatuses to suck the tears from those unsuspect'n hair-hopper'm workers that they would pillage in the break room fer stop their pain from roll'n down their faces...thus cause'n their egyptian eyeliner to roll down their very unporcelained skin

by the turn of the century...when Cher's relations owned the America's...
fer a short period of winn'n it from the Siberian Aztec's of a game of pin the tail on the totem pole...(before it was pillaged by the Pilgrims)...the medicine doctors would pack peyote in peace pipes like no one's business when it came to cure'n what ailed them...whether it be from the common cold...flu...or an accidental scalp'n...and all that was asked in payment was some hot canned fruit compote and some maze potato salad

virologist to the stars...Dr. Jonas Salk made history in april of 1955...
by invent'n a cure fer the cripple'n disease polio...and guess what kittens...

you would think he would lead by anyone else try'n to eradicate any debilitate'n diseases from the face of the earth...but OH NO!...not dur'in the ME ME ME generation...not when there's a profit to be 
made kittens...let me introduce you to the title holder of the BIGGEST worthless non pillageable weasel in the world...32 year old Martin "the fucktard" Shkreli...who's not in the biz to help out the inflicted with those infected by the virus that causes AIDS...but rather in the biz of turn'n a profit outta people's pain to fill his off shore bank accounts
so this spoiled brat hedge fund fuckwad's company "turing pharmaceuticals" bought up the 62 year old drug "daraprim"which costs roughly $1 to produce...used to combat "toxoplasmosis" which is a condition caused by some asshole parasite that exists in about 25% of the pre-puberty population in the US alone...but also has dire consequences fer those unborn brats of expectant mommies to be and immunocompromised kittens like those live'n with AIDS
originally the cost was $13.50 per pill...but once this spineless lech bought the rights to the drug...he drug the price thru the roof to $750 a pill...state'n simply that other drug companies were "give'n it away" and he needed his company to turn a profit no matter what the cost...kittens...that's a 5000% increase over nite
let's unfortunately go back to where it all began when this apparent "boy genius" known fer his investment intuition in the millionaire circles...started as a 17 year old intern fer the tv show "MAD MONEY"...and branched out into his 1st company "retrophin" but was eventually fired from said company fer his sheisty biz practices...who is also now under federal investigation fer insider trade'n and fraud...SHOCK!
what does Captain DooshRag like to do on his down time when he'd not try'na gouge out the down and out you might ask...well of course he likes to spend his down time try'na find the perfect partner in crime to help him count his dimes...
recently this saucy and very sluethy brunette girl with emphysema...Eve Peyser...was trolled out by Shkreli on the fuck'n date'n app TINDER...but not to fuck his diabolical brains out...OH NO...she wanted to find out if this dooshy shitbag was fer real...and thanx to the magic of screen shots...she got her answer in spades!
so our friend fuckwad this point...thinks he's pretty sly and got Eve under his testicles and thinks he's about ready to play a game of bobb'n fer balls with her...

and just when poor ol' Martin decided to lick his wounded pride and get
back under a more positive spotlight with the public...he figured he'd get some public points by donate'n the maximum donation fer a secret meet'n to duke it out with democratic contender Colonel Sanders Bernie Sanders... but Bernie wanted nothing to do with his blood money and generously donated this ass-hats benjamins to a HIV clinic in Washington...and fortunately there'll be no roast'n smores over and open flame either

well...this piss-ant was pissed ol Bernstein bear gave away his money and took it out like any spoiled shithead grasp'n fer sympathy from the twitter universe after he got a in a fight with some sheet rock and ended up with a booboo...thing wasn't actually his x-ray at all but a reversed x-ray image from google...he says he plans on lower'n the price after all the negative backlash he's received...but to this hasn't budged a penny

and just when things couldn't get any better fer the rest of humanity...
if anything is to be learned from all this that karma is a bitch...
and you just got served!

now get off my dress!

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