Monday, December 26, 2016

one more for the road

i'm sorry to say...but fuck it...i'm gonna say it...2016 was not a good year

but just as bad was the fact that Grimmy decided to clean house...royally!
by bein' an absolute asshole this year & steal'n the GEN X'ers musical royalty right out from under us that defined our generation!
first blind sided us with a right hook by take'n our 2 toned eyed starman if yer appetite wasn't satisfied pulled a left hook and hadda take our very own lil Purple Paisley Man 

months would pass til you decided to give us a good bitch slap...with PETE BURNS from

and just when i thought he had enough and would adjourn to his coffin fer the year...since the year was just about up...he decided to steal one more of our greatest gifts and thee best A double snake shakers of our robb'n us of the great GEORGE MICHAEL on xmas
thanx alot asshole!...GEORGE was my secret high school hard on that i almost got a ride from on his bus at the St Paul Civic Center in 1988 on his "FAITH TOUR" after leave'n his equally fantastic band WHAM!...true story

but with the impend'n doom and gloom fer the new year we shall all reap
Mr. Reaper...though he may be music to the GOP & deplorables minds...he is not a musical genius in ANY respect...well...cuz he has no respect fer anyone but himself...may i suggest that we receive just ONE MORE visit from you before the clock strikes 12 on new years eve?
and if yer feel'n a lil more generous and wanna clean out his cabinet...i won't object!

now get off my dress!

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