Monday, April 9, 2012

donnez-moi votre argent de poche

sounds so "je ne sais quoi" when said in french...but translation : BULLY

there's always that one lil kitten that'll pounce on those who are weak
just to prove that they are a total A double snake hole to their friends...
it's an annoy'n but all to often an acceptable passage into teenage life

kids just being kids!

i had fergotten about most of my teenage angst and ridicule that i suffered at the hands of certain peers thru-out high most do once they leave the shell of their former self...that is until all the recent incidents invovlve'n teens who are bullied and it made me hop on my huffy bike and remember how cruel a certain portion of the prepubescent pimple population can really be to their generational flock

after a much deserved nervous breakdown during my religious education in 10th grade...i got my pink slip to finally attend public education...after being forced to attended J-man high school fer the past 3 years of my life
(FYI...the prepubescent pimple population AIN'T any better in the J-man schools)

by my 3rd month at public education...most of my friends that i had acquired pre-high school...were no longer interested nor remembered who i was...and i couldn't blame them...I WAS NO LONGER the "Kermie"...
"mohican" or any of the other countless nicknames i was christened durin' grade school (i will have to say to their far as nicknames went...i pretty much went unscathed...unlike alot of the easier targets)

but 3 years and purberty later...we ALL changed...physically...mentally...
and socially...why not!...i no longer sported the Richie Cunningham cut
sitt'n at the lunch table across from my 2 friends from my previous life

it's was the 80's...and i built a shield of ownership and indepence thanx in part to the wonderous worlds of my 2 hero's...Boy George and Madonna
whenever i was down i would lock myself in my room for hours...turn on my
boombox and the worries would melt away as i auditioned on my own stage

i had tossed away my depression pants and supression blouse i had worn for 3 years in J-man school...and was now a time bomb that finally exploded all over everyone around me since i was no longer shackled to the J-man rules or under any religious fashion police regime

a force field of aqua net held up my crown of spikes atop of my head...
i thought nothing or no one could huff or puff or blow my balance down

that is...until 7:45 am one morn'n

Wendy and Shelly (not to be confused with Wendy and Lisa from Prince)
but incidentally...i met a Lisa who was my 1st newly acquired friend that day...(now where was i)...oh their eyes popped outta their heads
like Ren & Stimpy...after what they had just witnessed in front of them

i felt a slight breeze pass the top of me then noticed someone run'n away...confused...i had asked them both what just happened...and feel'n the top of my of the spikes in my crown was no longer there

the blood rushed to my head like i was about to rip outta my clothes...
so i immediately had to make a decision...since i spent a good hour prior to school perfect'n my image to be seen (as those of the pimple parade do)

do i go ape shit and Columbine the entire pimple parade in my sight...
or do i have a nuclear meltdown and spontaneously combust?

since i didn't pack my sawed off shot-gun (well Bambie cured me of that)
and i knew physcially...i could be snapped like a pea i darted fer the nearest exit before the 1st tear would ever hit the lunch room floor

by the time i had made it home...i didn't care what anyone thought anymore and the flood gates opened...i could barely form a sentence relive'n the event to my ma...who wondered why i was home from school so early...but i was not expect'n the response that i was given by my parental advisor...
"if ya wanna look like an ass...ya get what you deserve!"

so i hopped on my huffy bike to my best friend Kevyn's palace in the house'n projects and luckily his her daisy dukes puff'n on her marborlo...gave me a completely different slice of advice cake to eat...
"you sue that m*ther f*cker and tell the judge you were grow'n yer hair to be in a rock band!"

WOW!...that was the straw the broke this non heterosexual's timid shell
i had my Judge Judy moment...and acquired a new gaggle of cool friends

it was THEE event of the school that year...the punk versus the prep
it had never been done before...but i was not gonna back down...and even though i had my fair share of threats thrown my way...i had zero desire to let anyone pull off my scrunchy again...i was gonna let all know who i was!

and even though i had only won $37 outta the $2500 i was ask'n for
(hey i was 16...i was goin for the big bucks anyway i could)
i wanted outta dodge A.S.A.P. and start my own destination...written by my own rules...far away from the backward mentality of some small cowtown

i've since become the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist of my own universe...and no one's rays can harm me anymore

unfortunately...some things never change

religion zealots have been documented as the biggest pain-in-the-A-double-snake bullies around...would the J-man really approve of this?

some bullies grow up to just be complete A double snake holes...but thanx to organizatioins like NAACP...for putt'n a stop to their petty propaganda

and leave it to this GOP twatlick bully to deny a boy and his ball
what...cuz boys should only get blue balls?...i don 't think so miss priss!

teenage life is a tough life...try'n to find out who you are?...where you wanna go?...what you wanna do?...when yer gonna do it?...and the why and how?

non heterosexual teens even have more pressure to deal with when grow'n up in small towns with small minds and bible beaters for parents

but thanx to kids like Katy for stand'n her ground... and not back'n down
teens everywhere need to learn to think for a minute after see'n this movie...and parents need to pay close attention without toss'n blame

even frosted mini wheat...Gerry Orz...thinks bully'n is a complete waste

and you know when Martha has somethin' to's "a good thing"

with the film board make'n this into a P-13 movie from and R rate'n...the pimple population can see it with or without their parents and hopefully learn somethin'...cuz 10 years time...after that crappy prom band has played it's last song and you tossed that stupid hat in the air...yer gonna mostly likely regret anything you said or did to someone durin' those pivital pimple years

and ps...Scott if yer read'n this (and you know who you are)...we're good!

so take yer teen kittens to this important film...and get off my dress!

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