Monday, April 23, 2012

history has turned a page...uh huh!

there are many important "firsts" that we've read about in history class that will make you stop and think WOW...i wish i'da been there...but you weren't!

when we celebrate the unfactful discovery every 2nd monday of october
that Columbus supposedly was the first one on American soil in 1492

when George Washington became the first president of the US in 1789
only by default cuz the indians arrows were no match fer his gunpowder...
and as an added bonus...for his years of service...would be immortalized on the dollar bill...only to be stuffed into strippers fer the rest of eternity

brothers Charles and Frank Duryea...for invent'n the first gas powered car
in 1893...without consult'n their crystal ball first unfortunately...cuz if they had...they'da realized how their invention would contribute to a greedy war...insane gas prices and global warming...almost 120 years later

but in this this very moment in are an eye witness (whether you like it or not) to the highest grossing solo artist of all time...the most record sales of all time...the most downloaded singles of all time...the most #1 singles on a dance chart of all time...the most top 10 hits on the hot 100 list of all time...the most watched artist at the superbowl of all time...
and the most concert tickets ever sold by any artist...of all history!

the KING of Rock has been knocked out...

the KING of POP has been kicked to the curb...

those british bugs have been stomped on...

and is only 1 album behind the most #1 albums by a female artist in history

all by a midwestern gal with a dream...who would become...THE QUEEN!

MADONNA's catalogue of hits spans over 4 decades in the business

with the release of her latest...and 13th studio album entitled MDNA

MADONNA has no plans of slow'n down anytime soon by the look of things

i've followed her rise since '84...and will follow her until she's like...84

MADONNA has created and carved her image into a live'n icon known by all

MADONNA is one of the very few artists that have been able to substain a career that has endured 30 years and stay on top without bein' swallowed by their fame or their so many others artists unfortunately have

MADONNA has influenced and inspired numerous record'n artists and has never compromised her artistic integrity due to those who have critisized her
for not act'n her age and goin' against the establishments of society norm
MADONNA's superbowl performance was seen by 114 million viewers
the most views in the history of halftime shows ever at the superbowl game

MADONNA's "masterpiece" won her a 2nd golden globe fer the best song
in a movie...which she directed called "W.E."...about a passionate scandal

MADONNA has surpassed Elvis...Michael Jackson and the Beatles among many other great artists...with THEE most top 10 hits in billboard's history
and with only 2 songs released off her latest album that made it into the top 10 history books...there's many more amaze'n hits to be had off this album

MADONNA's 42nd dance hit to reach #1 on the charts is "Girl Gone Wild"

MADONNA has joined the ranks of many celebrity scents with the release of
her own fragrance...named after her smash documentary...TRUTH or DARE
with a clothing and shoe line under the same name...due out later this fall

MADONNA has the highest grossing tour ever for a solo artist in history...
and made history by sell'n more than 300 million records thru-out the world

MADONNA knows how to knock out the competion with just a 1...2 punch
her single "Hung Up" is in the Guinness Books for hitt'n #1 on the charts
in 41 countries...and her album M.D.N.A is #1 on iTunes in 40 countries

MADONNA's MDNA tour will officially kick off on may 29th in Tel Aviv
with 2 stops in St Paul, MN...Nov 3rd and 4th for the 1st time in 25 years
and will continue tour'n the globe until December Santiago, Chile

MADONNA is one of the hardest work'n women in show business today
who's managed to stay relevant by reinvent'n herself time and time again

MADONNA is a single mother of 4...a singer...a song writer & producer...
a musician...a movie star...a film director...a film producer...a clothing entrepreneur...a philanthropist...and the GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN HISTORY! (as far as i'm concerned kittens)

i have some MADONNA surprises up my sleeve...which i will reveal later...
this stay tuned kittens...cuz ya won't wanna miss out on this one!

so grab tickets to see a part of history in the make'n...and get off my dress!
sorry kittens...i hadda throw in one more...i just couldn't help myself!

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