Monday, April 16, 2012

ding dong...the WITCH is dead

which old witch?...why it's the wickedest witch of them all
no...not this beloved sinister spinster of our beloved yester years

i'm talk'n about this punk ass bitch who's witch hunt to try and eraticate any and all forms of non heterosexualism...frolick'n inside his G*D fear'n land
plus the unpractical use of contraceptives...unmoralistic fornicational pleasures...evolutionary fairy tales...or continued educational practices
has caught up with the Rickster and made him spontaneously combust!

just cuz this frothy fecal matter...sweater vest wear'n...J-man f*ckwad had 3 big wins durin' super tuesday and a couple more wins down in the ding-da-da-da-ling-ling states...he thought he was sail'n his superior ship straight into the oval orafice...but thankfully he hadda bite down on his cyanide pill
and unfortunately for his legion of pod people...this religious GOP twak-lick had to bow out of the ring fer a chance to duke it out with OBAMA this fall...not that he had a chance in H-E-double hockey sticks of ever winn'n
with this stupid PSA he had made to showcase his intelligence

i hope it wasn't somethin' i said...

actually's not the fact that Santorum hadda drop out this late in the game due to financial reasons that stunned me...but it's the fact that he got the chance to stay in the ring for this long to begin with

it shows how incredibly moronic a large portion of these evangelical cockroaches of this country...really are as dumb as the rest of the country thinks that they truly are by buy'n into this pompus pope's
religious rhetoric he was spread'n...instead of focus'n on more important issues like...oh i don't care...the hungry...the budget...ect

Santorum’s successful unsuccessful success is proof that a large portion of this country's population is a mad breed of bible thump'n cockroaches...not mad as in angry...but mad as in insanely ravenous bible beat'n cockroaches
like swarms of praying mantises who've let some higher power chew their think'n caps right off without question'n or condition'n the situation first

cuz the "ALMIGHTY" powerful wanted it to be that way as the fairy tale goes!

but i'm not here to gloat (*snicker*snicker*)...seriously though...we all know he would'a made this novembers election results look like another huge hiroshima happen'n in our own backyard...LITERALLY!

let's take a look back at the some of the funnier headlines that made our lil Ricky fall from the good graces of the G.O.D to the G.O.P graveyard!

Santorum comes from behind!

Santorum Comes From Behind In Alabama Three-Way

Piping hot surge of Rick Santorum spreading throughout Iowa

Santorum Blasts Obama During Cumming Rally

don't feel too bad fer this catholic clown though...i'm sure he'll bounce right back and find'n somethin' more fitt'n to preach his blasphemous beliefs
"would you like to super size yer beliefs with some sanctimonious sprinkles ma'am?" porky pig said every saturday mornn'n...tha...tha...tha...
now get off my dress!

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