Monday, July 23, 2012

an odd couple

remember that song from the yester years of sesame street that you can't get outta yer head until you hear the entire talked about racial purity...self indulgence and the separation of free thinkers and pod people?
"one of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong..."

so many things make zero sense to

why does the teacher grade yer school papers...from A B C D to F
                                what the hell is the problem with E?

why does Ke$ha hafta look like a drunk Debbie Gibson?

what the f-u-c-k is really the purpose of cursive write'n?

why is it called a pair of pants...when it's only one pant?

why do they call it fun size candy?...what's so fun about gett'n less candy?

why is it called chicken fingers...when chickens have no fingers?

i mean...i personally am no fan of cilantro....i'm totally convinced it's the work of devil...but i completely get that it doesn't mean that salsa is a controlled substance

recently GOProud...or as i so affectionately refer to them as "insufficiently neglected wanna-be str8 act'n and appear'n non heterosexual pariahs...with a chip on their shoulder the size of Sarah Palin's ego"...became smitten with this attractive look'n moron...
                                         oops...i mean mormon

they want their tax cuts and hope and pray that one day they'll get treated like normal human beings by the bigoted really is too bad that they focus more on money instead of  their own civil liberties...
              i mean many pairs of Prada do you really need?

so it's no surprise then that they decided to endorse Mitt Romney as their choice fer the presidential orifice come this fall
which i'm pretty sure has somethin' to do with that fact that he's sport'n those "magic panties" that's all all the UTAH!

i'm sorry...but even "magic panties" can't escape skid marks! (i'll spare you visuals fer that one)

GOProud's beliefs are simple...EVERYONE should be equal under the law!

fer argument sakes...let's ferget about Mitt's views of his non heterosexual votes fer a minute and deal with just good ol' Mitt's work ethics...on this...of many future blogs i'll feel compelled to blog about before the november 6th release of the much anticipated movie of the year
                                                i'll be bock!

today's story begins with the letter B and the letter C

Bain Capital...which was once run by ol' Mitt runn'n fer the big white orifice...
which incidentally shares the same name as the popular villain in the 3rd installment of the Dark Knight series...(ps...this blog was written before the tragedy in don't take offense to the reference)...but anywho'zll i know how some people play the association game when vote'n...and fer some non heterosexuals...Bain will ever be associated with bulge'n muscles in the vote'n booth fer them

though the BAIN company has some es'plain'n to do...
                       i  think Jon Stewart sums it up pretty good here

so Romney's old company Bain Capital...owned alot of food on the table companies in the US range'n from child care to pizza...and durin' his reign as chief slug...though ol' Romster did his best to put food on the tables for some...he collected a pretty penny when they didn't

and now Romney wants to remove all taxes on the foreign profits of U.S. companies...give'n US companies more reason to close up shop in the US and finally take that much needed  vacation drink'n margarita's by the sea

that helps WHO exactly?

seriously GOProud...what is it then you are REALLY proud of with this guy?

and now back to the program...

on an oxymoron note...fer those non heterosexuals work'n hard to help Romney get elected this fall...YOU really DON'T deserve to get ALL yer'n fer someone who openly expresses his disdain for you and your naturally born non heterosexual life is not only absolutely is an open and shut case of self-loathing and self-bigoted nonsense

yer create'n somethin' that will blow up in yer non heterosexual face
and there ain't no amount of plastic surgery that will fix it...well unless yer in the 1%

the only believable odd ones...were these 2 look'n fellers
and the only thing that was odd fer them back in the 1970's was the fact that they wasted the court systems time gett'n married just to divorce from unhappy marriages to finally be happy with one another

now get off my dress!


  1. If Mr. Romney is allowed to judge what goes on in my pants, then I'm allowed to at least revel regarding what goes on in his! I want magical underwear, too. Fortunately, this is going to make my Halloween costume easy -- the Magical Mormon Underwear missionary gone wrong ... Now I can have magic in my pants just like Mr. Mitt!

  2. HA...good one...interview with this mysterious commenter soon...i'd like to know more about these mystical powers that these apparent magical underpants possess :)