Monday, July 2, 2012


there have been many scantily clad scandalous scoundrels that have rocked the information transportation of politics in the US fer the past 50 years...

in the 70's...we were ride'n the subway durin' tricky Dick's Watergate
                       and Hanoi Jane was rock'n her vote in Vietnam

in the 80's...we were a wreck with the trickle-down train of Reaganomics
                and Jessica Hahn was bust'n a move with a Bakker boy

in the 90's...we hopped on and off  Billy and Hilly's Whitewater trolley
  and Monica Lewinsky fergot to add fabric softener to her grocery list

in the 00's...we were beat'n our brains out for ride'n on the Bush bus...twice
    and unfortunately Anna Nicole had earned her wings all too soon

it's now the 10's...and we're have'n a good time on the Obama cruise ship
but we are in the middle of the most atrocious act EVER committed on stage

                 where in the world is Jack Bauer when you need him?
                                        date: june 10, 2012
                                         location: Istanbul, Turkey
                                         time: somewhere between 9pm - 11pm

as concert goers were revel'n in the fact that MADONNA was finally perform'n in their home town...the QUEEN had her covert operations already in progress...and durin' her "human nature" number...she unstrapped her all natural milky white pendulum breast from it's pretty lil lacy cage...and exposed...
                                                    HER NIPPLE!

i had my correspondents on the ground and captured this live feed first hand...can't you just hear half the crowd scream'n in utter terror..while the others are paralyzed in complete fear!

it's as if she dropped an atom bomb!...journalists from around the globe emptied their headlines of murders...corruption...and scandals to cover this earth shatter'n story

REALLY kittens?

did they ever stop to think that MADONNA was educate'n the masses with self examination?

now...i don't think it's so much it's the fact that MADONNA actually flashed her nipple on stage that has got the media bitches britches in a bunch...
we've been enjoy'n MADONNA's breasts fer the past 30 years
                                         whether she's pett'n her pussy

                  eat'n a slice of pepperoni on a hot summer afternoon

   try'n to hail a cab after take'n her change purse out fer some fresh air

         walk'n the catwalk for her fav-o-rit designer Jean Paul Gaultier

     or simply take'n a smokey treat after count'n all of her piles of money

but it's the fact that it was a 53 year old nipple...and apparently after the age of 30...women are no longer considered to have "desirable" nipples by the throngs of journalistic ageist nazi's...and they'd simply write MADONNA off as desperately try'n to cling to her fade'n youth

ummm...they're missing the point...and apparently just don't get MADONNA!

HELLO?...the only thing MADONNA was ever really desperate for...
was seek'n Susan...and guess what?...she found 1985

Madonna is lash'n out at critics who say women need to act their age
        what? they expect her to sit home and play hours of yahtzee?

MADONNA is doin' what she's always push'n buttons about how women are supposed to behave...regardless what age they are at

MADONNA didn't show her nipple in the US...she did it in Turkey...a foreign mostly muslim country where women can't Snooki up their attire in public...
instead...have to bake under a non wick'n burka like a cheese doodle...
where women's rights are constantly under attack by a very back water government...sending many marching into the streets in recent weeks

thru-out her career...MADONNA has always stated she wanted to start a conversation....while many have said she's just court'n controversy for cash
                             she's struck out at the catholic church

                                         she's flaunted sexuality

                       she's torn down stereotypical walls about gender

MADONNA has a taught generations of women to express themselves
in more ways than just one...thru-out her 30 years of entertain'n the masses

and MADONNA will not be shackled down by any of societies expectations

she's pulled herself up by her own bra straps...and follows her own rules
                            and whether her nipples are covered or bare

MADONNA has never had anything to be ashamed of

and like the lyrics in her song says:
"and i'm not's human nature...and i'm not sorry ...i'm not your bitch don't hang your shit on me"

now get off my dress!

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