Monday, July 30, 2012

cock-a-doodle don't play that!

remember that lil folk story about that rooster named Henny Penny who believed the world was comin' to an end...and ran around cluck'n...
"the sky is fall'n!..the sky is fall'n!"

well...fer some out there in this cher fersake'n world...IT IS!

so presimental entrepreneurial bible beat'n businessman
Dan Cathy

decided to come out against those come'n out and want'n to change their "G*D's" warped interpretation of "traditional family" and "traditional marriage" speak'n on behalf of his entire corporation's stance with regards to the non existent non heterosexual agenda regard'n their unnaturally born life...basically say'n

"Well, guilty as charged."

it amazes me when these bible beaters talk about the "biblical definition of the family" it consists of a husband...a wife and their 2.5 kids your book of fairytales...a family consists of one man...200 wives...100 concubines and many many loud mouthed shit shorts...
and you'd trade yer girls to the highest bidder for the right amount of goats

as presimental of his corporation...he can do and say what he choose's...
fine...but i just don't get the whole fascination to his kamikaze mission he's sett'n his future business on...
what? boldly go where no non homosexual belief system has gone before?

well...that's just completely asinine of biblical proportions!

since 1946 when his dad started the business...they've stuck to their "belief" system...not open on sundays and sacrifice'n live chickens in deep fryers on a daily basis to feed the masses...just like the J-man would do (that is...if he were around durin' the 20th century...and ummm...of course REAL!)

and ain't it a bit of an be throw'n money to causes that promote hate to a minority group...while supposedly live'n by the the biblical words he so relies on that say to love thy brother?

while Cathy has voiced his opinions on this heated matter...his affiliates don't share the same train of thought...or don't they?

their PR firm has tried to slow the shit storm Cathy created ...

i'll admit i've never even heard of this company before all this uproar...and upon further research...found that there are only 2 in existence in the land of 10,000 lakes...and though i'm no huge fan of deep fried fun anymore...
Chick-Fil-A's latest commercial might make me change my mind...NOT!

but luckily...certain prominent people have stood up against this chicken coop...spew'n it's anti non heterosexual poop to the presses

Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino ain't have it...
followed by other cities who are feel'n disenfranchised by yer franchises' political the Windy City and City of Brotherly Love

*update* the ink has barely had time to dry and 2 more mayors have declared this chicken awful...our nation's capital and that rice-a-roni treat

Kermit and his gang have had enough of the their chicken shit

and even this loveable fuzzable family of wildlife...
are try'n to distance themselves from spread'n one man's opinion to the masses

but just when ya think the chicken shit wouldn't hit the fan...
in comes frothy fecal sweater vester Santorum and his sideache Huck

in this years far out right winged failed presimental couple's comedy about 2 losers look'n fer love...a chicken sammich...and their love of fairy tales...
just try'n to stay an irrelevant

lemme save ya the admission price and just tell ya how it ends...Santorum ends up sell'n his collection of sweater vests to the highest bidder on
eBay to pay fer his shame...and ol Huck gets caught mistakenly use'n his poli grip as lubrication at a KFC in Sheboygan Iowa

has-been-nice-not-know'n-ya moose huntress to the wanna-be stars Palin
even tried to put up a road block to all the backlash that the Chick was gett'n by tweet'n a pic of her...only to get l00 lashes from a Pink tune

so with that...i leave you with this kittens...

when one person believes in a delusion it's called psychosis...when many people believe in the same's called religion!
practice what you preach...before you preach what you don't practice!

now i've got some non homogenized deep fried f*ckers to flip if you don't mind...puhleez get off my dress!

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