Monday, August 27, 2012

2 fans in Afghanistan

who knew my whimsical words of washed out wisdom would touch sooo many kittens from every nook and cranny across the globe

from the Big Apple to the Minne-Apple...

from Cincinnati to Seattle...

just come'n up with weekly headlines was just half the battle

from a town called Turkey to the monks in Nepal

from the Maple Leaf lanes to the vineyards in France

touch'n all these kittens was just by mere chance

from the British Monarch to the Irish Republic...

from far away New Zealand  to the Land Down Under...

who knew that i would become such a  worldly wonder

from Russia with Love to the Syrian nation

from the Amazon jungles to the mountains of Peru

i'm so elated to have touched someone like you

from Juan Valdez to the Chilean sights

from Pinata parties to the African horn

some of my fans have even done porn

from the sweats shops in India to the hot Arabian Dessert

from the Pyramids of Egypt to the Great Walls of China 

my fans are my friends...well...sorta friends...kinda

but the biggest surprise of all you see

are my 2 biggest fans in Afghanistan who read me!

i've never had the pleasure...but heard about you in the news

i hope my words have touched you somehow...and washed away yer blues

i wonder if yer hungry...or just part of the war

were you on duty?...or was i just a bore?

are you part of the Taliban?...or were you just on vacation?

i guess either way...i'm happy to be part of that war torn nation

those miles may tear us...from far far apart

i want you to mean to most to my heart

so 3 cheers to you...and all of the rest

it's time to bid auf wiedersehen get off my dress!

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