Monday, April 29, 2013

not so fresh

ahhh...can you feel it kittens?

mother nature has finally put away her winter wardrobe
the fresh scent of lavender and lilac fill the air as the blue birds sing a melodic chorus

while the sun kisses yer soft delicate satin framed face
yer dusty pink chiffon laura ashley dress dance'n in the breeze

as you walk hand in a non sexual manner...
with someone of the same non penile persuasion

you turn to them and say...
" you ever get that "not so fresh" feel'n?" matter how discrete some ad agency displays it...
 kitty kat stink is not pretty!

let me explain...

may 1st 2013 will be the 10th anniversary of that dog and pony show...
"mission accomplished" by former president fool G. Dubaya on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
it will also be the not so grand open'n of the library in honor of this doosh rag's "accomplishments"

it's unfortunate that current and former presidents...
 have to put on their "game face" fer the media...but that's required when hold'n or have held such a prestigious position...regardless of ones thoughts about someone's "accomplishments" put on some sorta "parade" to show unity

when WE THE PEOPLE all know...this is thee worst leader liar in the history of the BIG HOUSE...PERIOD! this kitty kat wart has had some note worthy accomplishments
  • signed into law broad tax cuts in 2001
  • the "no child left behind" act of 2001
  • the "partial-birth abortion ban" act of 2003
  • medicare prescription drug benefits for seniors in 2003
  • the "clear skies" act of 2003 (though all he really did was announce it...but i'll give him credit)
unfortuntaely those are completely outweighed by his other more well known "accomplishments"

fine...reward him with his own library where he can play dress up durin' his imaginary game of the greatest ape in office...but don't think fer a second...

yer outta the BIG HOUSE...and don't wanna weigh in on "certain issues"?...
 then seriously...just be gone...before someone drops a house on you to!

so puhleez matter how much you try and cleanse yer library of yer stink...WE will never ferget how much you gave us that "not so fresh" feel'n

now get off my dress!

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