Monday, October 1, 2012

my spice girls

i hadda killer eyeball orgasm all set fer yer cornea this morn'n kittens...
spent 4 hours putt'n the final touches on it last nite...and  the click of 1 button...
*POOF* had felt like the house had just dropped on top of me

so until i can unlock my memory...and remember all that i yer just gonna have'ta deal with sloppy joe's enjoy!

it's like that song goes..."music...makes the people come together...yea"

and it really does!

some people get high on crack or coke...i prefer gett'n high on melody!

last and my friend Karen...went to see
the A-M-A-Z-E-N Olivia Newton-John in concert

she did not disappoint...and she was even better than she was when i seen her a few months back in Chicago...cuz she wasn't sing'n to her karoake hits...she had a full band...and i didn't want her to stop

she looked even more incredible...and sounded like the complete bluebird
like she did way back in the day when it all began in the 70's

all my fav's were sung...and a couple i never heard of

my only negative remark i could say about the whole even'n...she never did my all time fav Olivia track..."slow dance'n"...but i'll let it slide...this time...

if you've never had the chance to see her must!

up 80's ladies...the Go-Go's
one of my 1st all girl band crushes

not in a sexual way mind you...but more like the mall girls that you wanted to hang with once you got off yer shift at the Orange Julius

i've seen them in the past...with just 1 Go-Go at the time...
when lead singer Belinda Carlisle...opened fer Culture Club in Brighton back in the late 90's...and let's just say...heaven was almost a place on earth that nite

a few years later with the whole band at the MN State fair...
and to be fair...i'da been more content sing'n with them in my car...i'm just say'n

it could'a been that time of the month...or perhaps gnaw'n on 1 too many deep fried frog legs before hitt'n the stage...but i'm all about 2nd chances...fer a third time

the biggest surprise this musical season...fer me...GOSSIP!

i fell in love with GOSSIP! by pure accident a few years back while cruise'n down the informational highway search'n fer another singers hits..and i crashed head on into them...leave'n me completely paralyzed with joy

lead singer Beth Ditto...would be the ultimate in fag haggery

this will be the 1st time see'n her live and in person...up close and personal...and if she's anything like i've seen on the informational highway'd be a fool not to go

but the ULTIMATE experience...25 years in the make'n...fer MN



i remember goin' fer the 1st time with my best friend Kevyn back in 1987...
durin' my not so sweet 16th year...we thought pay'n $37 was brake'n the bank...and it was at the time...but worth every penny

flash forward to 25 years the QUEEN will finally be make'n her triumphant return to the land of 10,000 bottoms...(oops)...i mean lakes...

though this time...Madonna smashed my piggy bank to a bazillion pieces...
and took 4,000 pennies from me...but to be fair...she now has 4 children to think about...besides being the ULTIMATE performer of the universe
there's lil Lourdes who's turn'n out her own style these days

and lil Rocco who's work'n it out with his ma on stage durin' this tour

and who can ferget about lil Mercy and David...2 peas from the same pod

so if i can help out from keep'n her off any sorta government assistance programs...i'm glad to lend a charitable hand

so to help'n'n you...come to the biggest nite this town will ever see at CAMP in St Paul...just blocks away from the Xcel Energy Center

be there so i can see you there...cuz ya never know WHO'LL show up!
*wink wink*

and please kitten...remember...get off my dress!

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